Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Examples of Analogical Predication

This is mostly for my own use: some common examples used in discussing analogical predication, with locations. Some of the examples are from Domenic D'Ettore's Analogy after Aquinas; he notes that the examples used sometimes matter for conclusions drawn -- there was an active dispute post-Thomas, for instance, between those who held that analogical predication primarily worked like the health example and those who held that it primarily worked like the principle example.

Predicatesaid offound in (e.g.)
wiseGod and manST 1.13.5
healthymedicine, urine, body, foodST 1.13.5; SCG 1.34
beingsubstance and accidentST 1.13.10, SCG 1.34
GodGod and idolST 1.13.10
animalanimal and painted animalST 1.13.10ad4
seeing/visionact of eye and act of intellectDV 2.11;
Defensiones 1.35 (Capreolus)
militarysword and soldierIn Eth 1.7
bodyterrestrial and celestial bodyI Sent. 19.5.2ad1
HerculesHercules and statue of HerculesDefensiones (Capreolus)
principle/sourceunit, point, heart, axiomQuaestiones de div. praed. 18 (James of Viterbo)
principle/sourceheart, riverQuaestiones Ordinariae 33 ad 5 (Thomas Sutton)
moverGod and creaturesQuaestiones Ordinariae 33 ad 24 (Thomas Sutton)

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