Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Some Poem Drafts

The second is based on a sentence in the Critique of Pure Reason. I think the second line of Martial's epigram is probably intended in the Latin to have a vulgar undertone; the word for pocket, sinus, sometimes is a sexual euphemism, and the vulgarization would convey the contempt for admiration. In any case, I thought that the last two lines could practically be the motto of much of social media, or indeed, many other kinds of media: Ecce rubet quidam, pallet, stupet, oscitat, odit. / Hoc uolo: nunc nobis carmina nostra placent.


In words we speak, but also hues
that tint the face with surging blush
or pallor when our wits outrush;
we speak as well with tones we choose,
with tremors in our hands and touch,
with twitch of lip and smiles and such,
our bodies thick with meaning's clues.


Kant reflects
on the mystery of rain:
The drops are but appearances,
and even the shape,
even the space
through which the rain falls
is but the order
of our many sensations,
and behind the rain
is but the unknown.


We are not the rainbow;
it arcs through endless sky
above our heads, above the trees,
above the birds that fly,
a covenant of promise
that though our troubles build,
the sun through silver lining
has cloud with glory filled.

Martial, Epigrams 6.60

My Rome lauds, loves, sings our chapbooks;
Every pocket, every hand, holds me.
-- Ah, see! Someone blushes, pales, gawks, gapes, hates:
This I want: Now our songs please us.

The Liar

I spoke a word; the word was wise,
but water fell from flooding eyes.
My heart misgave, misshapen mass
with broken beats, before the lass.
The lady knows her trade; she lies,
designs and draws a fair disguise,
with highest pitch of twisting art
which hollows out the human heart.
Her language loose, I knew her word
was false and fatal ere I heard
a breath of air she breathed my way;
the truth she cannot tell or say.
She lies; a light and liquid tongue
my hope has harmed, my heart has wrung;
she lies with all deceits of hell;
but oh! I ache for her as well.

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