Thursday, June 04, 2020

Three Poem Drafts and a Poem Re-Draft


Lightning writes on paper sky,
grassblades tremble with a song,
the rain is a storm of letters,
the wind is a breath of words;
thunder shakes the universe,
seizing all things from inside.


In the night wind I hear calling
the whispers of angels falling,
and I know not how
I will get on now,
but I will find a way.

When the gray clouds darkly glower
and we all in thunder cower,
just remember time
has an end sublime
and night will turn to day.

Woods of Silence

In woods of silence waters dream
in darkness deep with scarce a gleam
of sun and moon and shining star;
all things are still, or so they seem.
The path is lost and where we are
is known to those who wander far
in sleepy realms and lands of dream
where rules a single shining star.
On high we glimpse that shining star;
its subtle light no night can mar.
Our lives are blessed beneath its beam
in woods of silence where we dream.


Lift up your father, Aeneas;
wrath on the temples is burning.
Stir up your blood, Aeneas;
your road courses West unreturning.
Step by step paths you will travel,
seas will be crossed ere the end;
pyres will burn to bright heaven;
down shall your highway descend.
Great is your name, Aeneas,
mighty the call that you hear.
Troy shall be joined to the wolf cubs,
nations shall tremble with fear.
Lupa pepercit their motto,
eagles on high guide their way;
slaughter shall be their true genius;
God's very Son they shall slay.
Hold not your hand from the matter,
sword of all ages now wield.
Ever by fate are you favored,
never to fate shall you yield.
Lift up your father, Aeneas,
destiny seize, keep it pure.
Turn yourself homeward, Aeneas:
good comes to those who endure.