Thursday, June 18, 2020

Two Poem Drafts and a Re-Draft

Cycle of Time

Silent skies
looking down,
sun and moon
round and round;
round and round,
sun and moon
looking down.

Turning night,
rolling day,
silver beam,
golden ray;
golden ray,
silver beam,
roll away.

Breezes soft
kiss my ear,
bringing words
whispered clear;
whisper clear,
bring me words,
kiss my ear.

Silent skies
round and round;
you and I
lost and found;
lost and found,
round and round,
you and I.

The Honor

How splendid it is to die;
it humbles us all.
However high we think ourselves,
we do not want the honor.
We think it more deserved
by another.

C. S. Peirce

Upon the empty page the pen
With reason writes, dividing thought;
As in life, line cancels line,
Breaking borders, erasing bounds,
Turning sheet into the sought;
And you, the pen, on truth's white page
The universal seize by sign,
By cunning, laws from cases find,
And muse that meaning may be found.
By practice mind may make the world:
By love and chance the world is wrought.

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