Thursday, July 02, 2020

Some Poem Drafts


Sunlight I remember, laughter-lovely,
sparking on the Ness with beaming smile;
Faith and Hope and Love were standing sentry,
a puppy played its fetch upon the isle.
The people were all walking by the water;
the quiet college went its gentle way,
gathering the Highlands and the Islands
to catch a little more of glory's ray.
The church upon the left was saint-suggesting;
the castle on the right was fair and sure;
Inverness in sunlight is resplendent
and ever in the heart it shall endure.

Achievements of a Man

I made the speech of silence;
I sang to be unheard;
I spoke the word of the Word of God
for my lady was absurd.
I acted fool and was a fool,
but sages I outfoxed;
I ruled myself with an iron rule
but rebelled from being boxed.
To the fight I rose, and rose again,
the race I ran and ran,
and took the earth and an endless sky
within my outstretched span.
And what lies at the end of it?
A silent grave, and drear,
but, standing yet, though I do not,
the things that I hold dear.

Logic, which Is Hestia among Disciplines

Queen Hestia, blessing-filled,
of mighty Chronos daughter,
in the midst of the house
you keep your undying flame.
Home of the blessed gods,
strong support of mortals,
eternal, multiform, beloved,
in the high houses of all
you find an unending above
with highest honor.
Glorious is your portion,
glorious your right;
without you none hold banquet,
no feast in which libation
is poured out to you,
both first and last.
With smiles, blessed one,
kindly accept the sacrifices,
bestow upon us wealth and health.


I put a penny in the wishing well
to wish you well.
An endless day and night it fell
(I know not how)
past the norns and roots of hell
beyond where prophet's words can tell
the fates that rule, or bring back tale,
and down
through the shell
that shields the world it fell
and like a bell
resounded on your head.

A White Horse Song

Luminous divine, who makes the wheel revolve,
knower, font of time, all-pervading,
all-sure, all-knowing,
all elements forth-showing,
beginner, unifier, partless and undivided,
above the triple thread of time:
attaining this indwelling source,
mind attains to freedom.

He from whom the world goes forth
is higher than the world-tree,,
higher than time,
many-appearing and font of all;
knowing the indweller, good-bringer,
powerful and immortal support,
mind attains to freedom.

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