Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Some Notable Links, Noted

* Amanda Patchin, A Jane Austen January, at "Front Porch Republic"

* Thony Christie discusses Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace at "The Renaissance Mathematician"

* Robert Pasnau, How to Read Scholastic Latin (ht)

* Jennifer Frey, Taking Humanity Seriously

* Ben Burgis reflects on the great Quentin Smith, who died in 2020.

* Anastasia Berg, Similar Minds, reviews Kate Manne's recent work. Berg notes something that I've also found odd about Manne's work, namely, the centrality of incels despite the fact that Manne doesn't seem to have much understanding of or any sympathy with them -- which is perhaps odd, because many of Manne's own arguments about men, particularly in this most recent work, are weirdly similar to arguments associated with incel forums about a sense of entitlement among women. I think for anyone who has been long online, it inevitably gets strange reading her for that very reason: her arguments often look very familiar but upside-down, as if things have slipped into the mirror universe.

* Hrishikesh Joshi has a really nice paper, "What Are the Chances You're Right About Everything? An Epistemic Challenge for Modern Partisanship", which you can read on his website. A great many people would benefit from considering carefully the argument of that paper.