Saturday, March 20, 2021

Stay'd and Constant Never

by Thomas Corrigan
March, March, March !
Month of boisterous weather:
Storm, storm, storm!
For whole weeks together:
Rain, and sleet, and hail;
Hail, and rain, and sleet,
Sweeping hill and dale,
Alley, lane, and street:
Sunshine for a moment, then the storm again;
Loud the hailstones rattle on the window's pane.

Wind, wind, wind!
Ever, ever blowing:
Change, change, change!
Moving, coming, going:
Blowing from the north,
South, and east, and west;
Ever breaking forth,
Ne'er a day at rest:
For a moment silent,--then a rush and roar,
Tossing high the billows on the pebbly shore.

World, world, world!
Full of noise and bustle:
On, on, on!
Turmoil, struggle, justle:
Christian, Jew, or Turk--
Worldlings, if you will--
Business, pleasure, work,
This their motto still:
Now a ray of sunshine darts upon the brain;
'Tis heaven for a moment,--then the world again.

Mind, mind, mind!
Ever changing, ever:
Rove, rove, rove!
Stay'd and constant never:
Shifting as the wind,
O'er the earth abroad:
Hardly can it find
Passing thought for God:
For a moment upward,--then away, away;
Still uncurbed and headstrong, loving far to stray.

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