Sunday, May 16, 2021

Poem a Day 16

Sorrow Psalm

From prison dark unbind me, Lord,
that I may thank your holy name,
and let me crown the holy just
with bounty you have given me.

Lord, hear my call, for I am low.

Hyenas gather around me;
I have no strength before their teeth;
release me from those who hunt me.

I look to left and right and mourn;
I have no refuge and no peace,
and no one will care for my life,
so great is my cry to my Lord,
my refuge and my savior.

When I was overwhelmed with fear
and snares were laid across my way,
my gracious Lord looked to my step.

My plaints are heard, my worries known,
and I may lift a praying voice
before the throne, and trust to God.

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