Saturday, August 07, 2021


 * Daniel R. Siakel, Hume's Appendix Problem and Associative Connections in the Treatise and Enquiry (PDF)

* Alexander Englert, How a Kantian Ideal Can Be Practical (PDF)

* Nick Huntington-Klein, The Effect: An Introduction to Research Design and Causality, a very nice online book.

* Hamid Taieb, Acts of the State and Representation in Edith Stein (PDF)

* Megan Halteman Zwart, Forget philosopher kings. We need philosopher folks,  a rare case of an America article that I largely agree with.

* Candice Malcolm, Six things the media got wrong about the graves found near residential schools. Canadian journalists have always been notoriously bad when it comes to reporting on matters concerned with the Catholic Church, but they seem to have outdone themselves this time around. The entire program of residential schools, as conceived under the policies of the Canadian government, was in many ways very bad, but there is no excuse for lack of journalistic diligence and care in reporting on it.

* Deborah Casewell, A just and loving gaze, and Becca Rothfeld, Principled to a Fault, discuss Simone Weil, who seems to be having a minor revival at the moment.

* Ryan Burge, The curious case of born-again Catholics. I'd be interested in seeing how these numbers are distributed across converts and cradles; while I wouldn't usually use the label, I myself would have no problem with it at all. I grew up evangelical Southern Baptist; I don't consider my Catholicism to be a fundamental change, as opposed to a completion. If comfort with the label is linked to conversion (perhaps spreading a bit among communities with lots of converts), it would perhaps explain most of the peculiarities -- its widespread and very diverse character, the political divergence (which might be due to not being Catholic partly for ethnic reasons), the greater tendency to attend church. But I don't know.

* Lee Trepanier, Scholasticism confronts illiberalism, on Jacques Maritain

* Rachel Aviv, The German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles. It's very easy to forget just how much influence pro-pedophilia movements built up in the sixties and seventies.

* Jorge J. E. Gracia, Racisms: Racial, Ethnic, and National (DOC). Gracia, who recently died and was one of my favorite philosophical authors in graduate school, did a lot of excellent work on medieval philosophy, metaphysics, and philosophy of race.

* Colorized Math Equations.

* Ryan Miller, Thomistic Foundations for Moderate Realism about Mathematical Objects (PDF)