Thursday, August 19, 2021

With One Hand the Trowel Wielding

The Building the Walls
by Emily Seaver

“And the walls shall be built, even in troublous times." Dan. ix. 25. 

With one hand the trowel wielding,
While the other held the sword,
Such has ever been the building
Of the City of the LORD! 

Thus was laid her sure foundation
Long ago, in troublous time,
In the last great tribulation
Shall they rear her towers sublime. 

When men dwell at ease, securely,
Ah! how oft the building stays,
But it rises fast and surely,
In the dark and troublous days. 

Let us rise then to our duty,
Work and watch, in faith and prayer,
Till, at length, in all her beauty
Zion rise, complete and fair! 

Let no threatening make us falter,
Treacherous friend, nor open foe,
Care we not how times may alter,
If our glorious work may grow. 

What, though evil men oppress us,
He, who says Arise and build,
In the work He gives will bless us,
And His word must be fulfilled. 

His the plan, and His the glory,
In His Name the walls we raise,
When we crown the topmost story,
His, alone, shall be the praise !