Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Links of Note

 * Daniel Korman & Dustin Locke, On Debunking Color Realism (PDF)

* The most important device in the universe looks at a prop that famously shows up again and again in science fiction shows

* Reginald Mary Chua, Aquinas, Analogy, and the Trinity (PDF)

* Aaron Smuts, The Paradox of Suspense, at the SEP

* Bruce Langtry, Perception and corrigibility (PDF)

* Marcus Berquist, Wonder and Skepticism

* Anne Newstead, Cantor on Infinity in Nature, Number, and the Divine Mind (PDF)

* An interview with Cale Cohoe on spiritual exercises

* Nakul Krishna, Is goodness natural?, discusses Philippa Foot

* Owen Matthews, Where the Russian Gulag once thrived, life remains isolated

* Tristram Shandy, but just the punctuation

* Ethics Finder, a curated search engine for articles on topics relevant to Catholic moral theology (not all from a Catholic perspective)

* Keshav Singh, Sikh ethics sees self-centredness as the source of human evil

* has several channels of 24/7 old time radio programs, drawn from the Internet Archive

* Brendan Hodge, Why Catholics leave; why Catholics stay, at "The Pillar"