Friday, January 07, 2022

Dashed Off I

This begins the notebook initiated in February 2021. 

Every proverb has its day.

the body as organ, the body as scene

In dealing with racial injustice, one must take care not to let historical symptoms blind you to the deeper moral problems.

domestic integralism

essences as kinds of perfectibility

Anointed Office royal, priestly, prophetic), Sacrifice, and Martyrdom are all perfected in the Passion.

"Our Lord desires not merely to form friendships between Himself and every human soul, but to unite friends in divine charity to one another." Robert Hugh Benson

like gold slimed over
human souls
shine out obscurely

Abstraction admits of degree, of more and less, but it does not admit of error (although our degree of abstraction may not be suitable to our ends).

When we offend the divine majesty, we do not harm God, but we do harm ourselves, who are in the image of God; we have thus done wrong and are in need of repair.

We experience actual being, as opposed to or distinct from essence, as nonclassifiable, actively manifesting, and undismissable.

marriage as sacramental friendship

"Totalitarian power is not atheist for a random historical reason..., it is atheist because it must be so logically." Vaclav Benda

"To a certain extent, Marxism replaces religion by the cultivation of art." Masaryk

"The ceremonial law was the bond which was to connect action with contemplation, life with theory." Moses Mendelssohn

predication under condition: supposition/hypothesis, fiction
mispredication: error, lie

Seek virtue and truth will be given.

We often in practice do not distinguish essence and operative power.

"All generations of men, from the beginning to the end of the world, are morally concerned one with another." Jonathan Edwards

"When culture loses its sacred sense, it loses all sense." Kolakowski

the world is but a whisper borne
upon a wayward wind

All the primary purposes of language are social, and this is true even of purposes like 'talking about the world'.

"Homer is original this morning, and nothing is perhaps so old as today's newspaper." Peguy

In Cartesianism, disorder is treated as worse than doubt. (cp. Peguy)

Man reflecting God infinitely transcends man.

baptism: royal :: confirmation : prophetic : ordination : priestly

For every possibility, there is a reason it is possible.

Every conceptual horizon suggests something beyond it.

phenomenal sign, noumenal sacrifice

In the Eucharist, the veils point to Christ as accidents to substance, as effects to cause, and as signs to referent.

real presence of Christ via effect
(1) instrument - principal agent
(2) gift - giver
(3) medicine - physician/medical art

The opposite of love is not wrath but death.

hell as the lovelessness beyond lovelessness

The love that redeems us is not exhausted by our redemption.

Jn 4:10 and the Holy Spirit as gift

The community extends one's body.

The principle of verification fails as a criterion of meaning because there are many other meaning-relevant things we may do (analogize, practically vindicate, corroborate, reason from, etc.).

juridical modes: pardon, law, equity, rebuke

"Evil exists in the world not to create despair, but activity." Malthus

hope as the virtue-regenerating virtue

titular in pretence, in office, in exile

"Even sanctity is temporal, and it is subject to the seasons and times. It is subject to the ages of life." Peguy

Jesus has His own distinctive sanctity, but He diversifies it into all forms of sanctity in His sacramental body.

It is important that Jesus not only fulfills prophecies, but fulfills them in a way higher than could be expected. He fulfills them abundantly, in ways that illuminate connections that were easy to miss without His light. He gives that to which they point, but in a way that gives more than any pointing could have indicated; He fulfills them in a way that does not merely make them past tense but carries them forward into a new future.

Israel the Suffering Servant as type of Christ, as most perfectly fulfilled in Christ

Taxation powers are structured by record-keeping powers. The greater and more sophisticated a state's ability to keep records, the greater its ability to tax.

A sense of majesty is something into which one must mature; a little child of a king has no sense of the majesty of the kind, but must come to grasp it by maturing.

The modern world has no sense of the majesty of love.

Without genuine purity, everything becomes infected with hypocrisy.

'Fee, fi, fo, foum' as an expression used by a manflesh-eating monster is both immensely old and very widespread, enough that it may even go back to originals in Indo-European.

presence by gift

sacraments as acts of divine love, as means of grace, as manners of communion/fellowship

"All true love will, one day, behold its own image in the eyes of the beloved, and be humbly glad." MacDonald

Common sense is sometimes wrong, even very wrong, but there are always reasons why something is common sense.

Credentialism makes all things brittle.

All reasoners who are thoughtful, responsible, patient, and restrained in their reasoning will discover thoughtworthy things.

The capability for anything to be at all in any way must be necessary and eternal.

Christ *really gives* Himself in the Eucharist: real presence
Christ really gives *Himself* in the Eucharist: transubstantiation

Many can come from one through material or chance diversification, through limitations of potentiality, through limitations or imperfections in goodness, or through the ordering of wisdom. The diversity of creatures proceeds from God in the last way.

"There cannot be a lasting and sincere friendship unless it is based on Reason, on an immutable good, on a good that everyone can possess without dividing it." Malebranche

On Malebranche's view, attention *merits* clear and distinct ideas.

The young are not wooed by caution.

Human nature requires completion in and by rite and liturgy.

Defamation, backbiting, etc., are morally bad because they are attempts to injure a person's capability for even basic friendship.

Early modern philosophers in criticizing the schools often don't make much distinction between substance and prime matter.

Hume's response to the imagination objection in T (T225) is inadequate because (1) the inference to substance has already been shown to be similar to the inference to cause; (2) we would in fact "perish and go to ruin if we were unable to consistently attribute simplicity and identity; (3) it is implausible that in matters of substances and qualities we are dealing with "changeable, weak, and irregular" principles of imagintion.

Everything resembles substance in one way or another.

Perceptions refer to personal substance as to an end.

Custom involves facility and tendency; in his discussion of causation, etc., Hume can explain facility, but has nothing at all that can explain tendency, which he simply has to assume.

effect to cause // accident to substance // order to end

Much of what we conceive, we conceive relatively, and thus not in such a way that we can assume separable existence.

'the august' as a useful term for the political sublime

aesthetic life : sublime :: religious life : holy :: moral life : pure :: political life : august : life of grace : glory
-- all converge toward God

Modern classroom teaching is episodic, and students often lose both thought and plot for the episodes, the forest for the trees.

the swelling sublime vs the furious sublime

Interacting with music is like interacting with an alien intelligence, a way of thinking in some sense different from our ordinary human , suggesting without clearly specifying.

health : body :: santiy/balance : mind :: good life : whole person :: just order : society :: devotion : religious spirit

Everyone, without exception, has to be taught much if they are to do very well.

The problem of induction is based on the assumption that magic is possible.

necessary vs contingent truth-preservation

subsidiarity and the family as a fundamental unit of civil society

Scholarly interpretation of texts requires multiple interpretations of texts; at minimum it requires interpreting the text both in a very strict, restrained way and in the most expansive way the evidence allows, to capture the range the evidence allows.

"Through Reason all people become superior to all creatures when they consult and follow it." Malebranche

"Innocence is indeed a glorious thing; but, unfortunately, it does not keep very well and is easily led astray." Kant

pedagogy and turning a topic into a minimally counterintuitive narrative