Tuesday, January 25, 2022


This term has had an unusually complicated start -- I was originally doing three in-person classes, then two of those got canceled and replaced by two synchronous online courses, then the last in-person class was canceled and replaced by a condensed asynchronous online course, which I'm currently doing the preparation for, and I'll likely have another asynchronous online course, assuming it makes. The difficulty, of course, is just that at this point nobody quite knows what's needed until it's needed, so there's a lot of juggling going on by everyone. In any case, I only mention it because it explains why I am still finishing up Burney's Camilla for the Fortnightly Book and why substantive posts will probably continue to be only occasional for a while.

* Sherri Irvin, Scratching an Itch (PDF)

* The Raven: A Magazine of Philosophy

* Landon Elkind & Richard Zach, The genealogy of 'v' (PDF), on the history of the notation for disjunction in symbolic logic

* Hannah Lyn Venable, The Weight of Bodily Presence in Art and Liturgy (PDF)

* Marco Masi, Randomness and Teleology in a Conscious Universe (PDF)

* Kevin DeLapp, The Metaethics of Maat (PDF)

* Jannik Bhur, Why the Dunning-Krueger Effect Is Probably Not Real

* Xiaoyan Hu, The Notion of 'Qi Yun' (Spirit Consonance) in Chinese Painting (PDF)

* Jack M. C. Kwong, How to Theorize about Hope (PDF)

* Tuomas Tahko, Possibility Precedes Actuality (PDF). I'm not really convinced, but it's an interesting argument.

* Jacob Andrews, Conformed by Praise: Xunzi and William of Auxerre on the Ethics of Liturgy (PDF)

* Brendan Hodge, How shifting U. S. demographics will change the abortion conversation. A lot of this is tied, I suspect, to something I've often thought, which is that wide support for abortion seems closely tied to how much people are entangled in a system and way of life that requires something like it.

* Bryan L. Frye, Toxic Public Goods (PDF)

* Matthew Loftus, We Already Jumped, on virtue and modern medical practice

* Daniel Muñoz, Obligations to Oneself, at the SEP