Thursday, February 24, 2022

Links of Note

 * Kevin Davey, On Euclid and the Genealogy of Proof (PDF)

* Chard Marzen, The Gospels and American Jurisprudence (PDF)

* Walter Scheidel, Resetting History's Dial? A Critique of David Graeber and David Wengrow, "A History of Everything: A New History of Humanity"

* Milean Ivanova, Poincare's Aesthetics of Science (PDF)

* Rabbi Gil Student, Why Forgive?

* Yuan Yu Zhi, How the Charter of Rights let Canada Down

* Some previously lost dramatic recitations by Orson Welles have recently been rediscovered: Two Wise Men: Socrates and Noah.

* Joshua Landry, Deceit, Desire, and the Literature Professor: Why Girardians Exist. (hat-tip: Greta)

* Charles Lineweaver, A Lonely Universe

* Justin Nnaemeka Onyeukaziri, A Philosophical Reflection on Plotinus' Concept of Beauty as an Ecstatic Experience of the Soul (PDF)

* Lee Clarke, For the Stoic Musonius Rufus, manual work is philosophy too

* Lauren Ross, Cascade versus mechanism: The diversity of causal structure in science (PDF)

* Michael Tkacz, Thomas Aquinas on Instrumental Creation, the Cosmogonical Fallacy, and the Intelligibility of Nature

* Richard Marshall interviews Justin E. H. Smith.

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