Monday, February 28, 2022

The Notes Recalled, the Lovely Words Forgot

The Mystery of Light
by Constance Naden

Light glorious and eternal, that reveals
All earthly things, itself is secret still;
Love, silent king of heart, and mind, and will,
In lustrous mystery his power conceals;
And many a clouded spirit dumbly feels,
But knows not, sees not yet, those truths that fill
With beauty and with joy the dwellings chill
Even of life that wounds, of Death that heals.

Yet Light, and Love, and Truth are all our own,
And minister to us, who know them not;
Fair hopes, that look like memories, will throng
E’en hearts that live in darkness and alone,
And seem to chant some half‐remembered song,
The notes recalled, the lovely words forgot.

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