Friday, April 29, 2022

Dashed Off IX

This ends the notebook completed in May 2021.

 - Pesachim 54a8-11 -- Seven things created before the world: Torah, repentance, Garden of Eden, Gehenna, Throne of Glory, Temple, name of the Messiah.
- Bereishit Rabbah 1:4 -- Six things preceded the world's creation, two created (Torah, Throne of Glory), four decided to be created (Patriarchs, Israel, Temple, name of the Messiah)
-- these can be considered a way of talking about predestination.

The moral life requires an eschatology to give it energy.

Wealth is a kind of relatability with respect to society; it always faces, in part, the community, and many wrongs with regard to wealth involve injuring this face.

Empires consolidate as proposition nations.

Note that 'seeming red under normal conditions' differs depending on whether we are talking normal for a non-color blind person assessing swatches by eyes or for a physicist assessing spectra by instrument.

opacity and lucidity of sign (e.g., how easily a given person can read a text) -- always relative to a particular cognitive power

the antecedent (in Himself) and consequent (common good of creation) sovereignty of God

Political sovereignty is not an absolute power but a power arising from completeness of common good.

Given Bodin's definition of sovereignty, nobody could be sovereign except Christ. 

While sovereignty is not formally divisible, it clearly is functionally so; not in its essence but in its energies, so to speak.

There is a sort of contagion of controversy by which otherwise unexceptionable things become controversial by association with controversial things. This is a more dangerous contagion than an epidemic.

All societies need situations in which all parties leave aside their weapons, literal or figurative.

outlawry as juridical exile vs as juridical death

Every form and nature involves an intrinsic orderability or relatibility to others.

Bodies can be collocated because location is relative to boundary, and two bodies may fall within one circumscribing boundary.

circumscriptive, definitive, and repletive presence in a place

the dissemination and accreditation functions of academic publication and the problem with unifying them

Injustice hides under sloppy uses of terms.

'constantly accomplish the paschal mystery within us'

We praise the Lord most properly within the Church (Ps 22).

To love God properly requires belief in Christ and love of neighbor (1 Jn 3).

Jn 15:1-8 uses 'remain' 8 times.

Authoritative insignia are not merely signs of authority but expressions of it; the same is true of signatures and seals.

the divine properly
the divine associatively (metonymy)
the divine translatively (metaphor)

Shankara and Vacaspati both hold that Samkhya must be rationally refuted rather than merely dismissed, out respect for the founding sages or at least out of regard for the influence of their reputation.

Money's value is affected by its presence and absence, in terms of how these affect risk and expense of use (Azpilcueta).

extrinsic formal causes: exemplar/idea, object, value

natural, stipulative, and customary valuative vehicles

"Most things are sold by weight and measure -- but everything is sold by money." Juan de Mariana

Christ's Passion : intrinsic title to grace :: sacrament : extrinsic title to grace

'Enthusiastic consent' is a male sexual fantasy, not a basis for sexual justice.

1 Sam 8:15 and the general problem of the state

scientia : natural realm :: ars : moral realm
--if we take this to be true, what domains are related to the other intellectual virtues? Is it prudence & art : moral and scientia & intelligentia : natural. Then one would expect sapientia to pertain to their unified root

exemplar : substance & quality :: object : relation :: structural mode? : quantity (& situs?) :: design/plan : action/passion :: measure : when & where :: adjoined form : vestment/habitus

All of the categories are implicit in the formal cause.

clockable when (time), aeonic when, repletive when

Money is made by market (or through markets, when deliberate).

the smorgasbordism of liberal Christianity as a false imitation of catholicity

"I am myself by knowing my own death." Nishida
"Philosophy begins with the self set on living truly."

People talking about intrinsic goodness/badness regularly confuse 'bad if considered only on its own' and 'bad by nature'. These are not the same.

the unity of the Church and the holographic character of the Church (each particular church models the universal church)

It is a grave error to disparage a good introductory work for being introductory; even virtuosi sometimes need to return to their scales.

"The Church is not merely a teaching, but a feasting-place: not a lecture-room but a banquet-hall." Wiseman
"It may be observed that truth presents us ever with two classes of evidence. The first consists of the great and direct proofs on which it rests; the second of those innumerable and unprepared convergences of argument that meet in it from various points. The former will bring us to the truth; but the latter often more sensibly secure our conviction."

We can define by causes because the formal cause can reflect other causes.

To recognize something as a change rather than merely a difference is already to recognize it as causable.

(1) The world as such is a really possible composite whole.
(2) Real possibility of a composite whole posits an efficient cause.
(3) There is an efficient cause of the world as such.

An efficient cause is that which is prior of distinct beings in essential and positive community.
-- condition/occasion/sine qua non/removens prohibens are either not essential or not positive.

the coextensiveness of 'caused' and 'composite'

causa simpliciter (the four)
causa secundum quid (E.g., dispositio materialis)

God is His own active potential; prime matter is its own passive potential.

historical/narrative explanations // explanations by material cause

substance is to accident primarily as final, secondarily as material and efficient
soul is to body primarily as formal, secondarily as final and efficient

An 'ethics for our time' is always in practice a justification for our own vices.

"The marvel performed as a type cannot be greater than its fulfillment: the latter must be the greater." Wiseman

Mark's three external-rite healings (7:34, 8:23, 6:13) as all types of unction

"virtue is the road to happiness" Aquinas (SCG 3.58)

The contemplative life is higher than the active in part because it is more like the Church Patient.

readiness to encounter & readiness to appear

formal & instrumental design
-- formal design is found only in a cognitive power; instrumental design, in things, presupposes formal design
-- natural, stipulated, and customary design
-- instrumental design seems to be of more than one kind (e.g., the design in signification and the design in the thing)
-- a blueprint is design as a sign of a design