Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Links of Note, Noted

 * Huaiyu Wang, The Lost Confucian Philosopher: Gu Hongming and the Chinese Religion of the Good Life (PDF)

* Rebecca DeYoung, Power Made Perfect in Weakness: Aquinas's Transformation of the Virtue of Courage (PDF)

* Lea Canto, Thales -- 'the first philosopher'? A troubled chapter in the historiography of philosophy

* Danielle D'Onfro & Daniel Epps, The Fourth Amendment and General Law (PDF)

* Crispin Sartwell, Truth is real, at Aeon.co

* Ann-Sophie Barwich, The lady vanishes, on Mary Hesse, also at Aeon.co

* Zhengmi Zhouhang, Beauty as a Symbol of Morality (PDF)

* Hans Thomas Adriaenssen & Lodi Nauta, Robert Boyle and Natural Kinds (PDF)

* Michael W. Hickson, A Brief History of Problems of Evil (PDF)

* Markku Roinila, Common Notions and Instincts as Sources of Moral Knowledge in Leibniz's New Essays on Human Understanding (PDF)

* Fabrizio Macagno, Secundum Quid and the Pragmatics of Arguments: The Challenges of the Dialectical Tradition (PDF)

* Francesco Binotto, Can God Immediately Produce a Necessary Effect? Some Remarks on Gloria Frost's Aquinas and Scotus on the Source of Contingency (PDF)

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