Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Two Poem Drafts


Holy Simurgh,
your sacral gems
joy have brought me;
brightly shining,
your feather heals
the faithful heart,
making holy
the mind of man.
Sevenfold grace
like garment fair
adorns your form
with heaven's fire.
Like burning brand
I bear that flame
as foemen fall
before my face.
My wings rise up,
on fresh wind borne;
I fly the sky,
with freedom soar.


My heart is a knot
only my true love can untie;
her name is Wisdom,
the fairest maid, but she is shy.
In a castle far
she sits at her wheel and she spins
with a thread of thought
and shining light, free from all sins,
to weave kingly robe
for one who sets all aside,
new knight of the cart,
who overcomes all sin of pride.
My own honor pales
beside her sunlight-splendid smile,
to receive merci
outshines all imperial style.
I go on a quest
through dangerous, uncanny lands
with only one goal:
to put my tied heart in her hands.
Fair maid, have mercy!
Let not your daungier set a wall
between you and me,
for, Lady, I gave you my all.

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