Saturday, May 07, 2022

Links of Note

* Jennifer Frey, The Somerville Quartet, on  Anscombe, Foot, Murdoch, and Midgley

* Dani Ross, Sacrifice and the Ascension of the Incarnate Son in Hebrews

* Ted Nordhaus, In Sri Lanka, Organic Farming Went Catastrophically Wrong 

* Stefano Bacin, Kant's Idea of Human Dignity: Between Tradition and Originality (PDF)

* Jamin Asay, Deflationism, Truth, and Desire (PDF)

* Michael P. Foran, The Rule of Good Law: Form, Substance, and Fundamental Rights (PDF)

* Conor Casey & David Kenny, How Liberty Dies in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Star Wars, Democratic Decay, and Weak Executives

* Aleph with Beth, a Biblical Hebrew course on YouTube. They have more information about their approach on their website.

* Max Baker-Hytch, Debunking Arguments in Parallel: The Cases of Moral Belief and Theistic Belief (PDF)

* Aaron Wells, Incompatibilism and the Principle of Sufficient Reason in Kant's Nova Dilucidatio (PDF)

* Sjang L. ten Hagen, History as a Tool for Natural Science: How Ernst Mach Applied Historical Methods to Physics (PDF)

* Brendan Hodge, Fact and fiction: Vatican II and the 'vocations crisis'

* Perry Hendricks, The Impairment Argument against Abortion (PDF)

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