Monday, June 13, 2022

Links of Note

 * Nicholas Aroney, Christianity and Constitutional Law (PDF)

* Daryl Ooi, Hume's Fragment on Evil (PDF)

* Douglas Walton, Can an Ancient Argument of Carneades on Cardinal Virtues and Divine Attributes be Used to Disprove the Existence of God? (PDF)

* Thony Christie discusses Sir Kenelm Digby

* Alex Priou, Plato's Republic in Its Thucydidean Context

* Aaron Hughes, Judah Abrabanel, at the SEP

* Valerie Stivers, Cooking with Cyrano de Bergerac

* Katherine Dee, Mass Shootings and the World Liberalism Made

* Stefano Bacin, Kant's Lectures on Ethics and Baumgarten's Moral Philosophy (PDF)

* Thaddeus Metz, Meaning and Medicine: An Underexplored Bioethical Value (PDF)

* David S. Systma, The Logic of the Heart: Analyzing the Affections in Early Reformed Orthodoxy (PDF)

* The open access journal Methodos has an online issue on Argumentation and Arabic Philosophy of Language.

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