Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Notable Linkabilia

 * Stephen Harrop, Epistemic Dimensions of Political Conservatism, I: The Social Knowledge Problem

* David Polansky, On Aging as an Imperative, or same as it ever was

* David Torrijos Castrillejo, A Thomistic Account of Free Will and Providence: Pedro de Ledesma and the De Auxiliis Controversy (PDF)

* Andrew Bacevich, Fascism: A Label Repurposed and Misapplied

* Timothy Yenter, Mary Astell on Neighborly Love (PDF)

* Brian Balkus, Why America Can't Build

* Tyler B. Lindley, Justiciability and Remedies in Administrative Law (PDF)

* Oliver Traldi, With All Due Respect to the Experts

* Michelle La Rosa interviews Massimo Mellini, the Florentine master mosaic artist

* Mohammad Mahdi Hatef, Ontological Solutions to the Problem of Induction (PDF)

* Daniel Philpott, Where Have You Gone, Jacques Maritain? at "Public Discourse"

* Thaddeus Metz, Distributive Justice as a Matter of Love: A Relational Approach to Liberty and Property (PDF)

* Matthew Walker, The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle's Protrepticus (PDF)

* Bethany Somma, Avicenna on Animal Goods (PDF)

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