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Dashed Off XVII

 contingency as the opposite of necessity (possible being and possible nonbeing) vs contingency as the opposite of freedom (contingency)
-- the creation as such is both and therefore requires a necessary free cause

"Theoretical analysis has to start from this historical fact, that the purpose of economic action is everywhere and always the satisfaction of needs." Eucken

Economic *systems* begin not with individuals but with families/households.

Mimamsa eternal sounds // Platonist ideas
-- strictly 'nitya' is not so much eternal as 'fixed', i.e., same in every instance of use. 'varna' is the phoneme (distinguished from dhvani, the articulation itself)
--the Nyaya take varna to be/include the articulation, and nitya really does mean everlastingness for them; Mimamsa insist that sounds must be fixed to be recognized, the Nyaya that articulated sounds make possible recognition of the relevant universals in them.

Christian chastity is a virtue directed toward angelic purity, either directly or mediately and symbolically through sacramental marriage.

Epiphanius, Weights and Measures 35 on Mary as living ark

(1) What begins to be has a cause.
(2) What derives for the most part from its cause is due to form.
(3) Effects due to form are due either to idea or to nature.
(4) What derives due to form from a nonintelligent cause is its natural effect.
(5) The causes of natural effects for the most part have the same effects in the same conditions.

While knowledge is not of contingents as such, it may be of contingents as falling under or deriving from necessaries.

disjunctive transcendentals as related to res and aliquid

security theater as deterrent for casual violation, relentless investigation as deterrent for planned violation

Textual religions, because they involve study, tend to form monastic or quasi-monastic communities. (The most plausible exceptions are either quite young or formed in reaction to heavily monastic religions.)

One real good to arise from the Protestant Reformation (and the Catholic response to it) was the spilling of monastic disciplines and practices into nonmonastic life (daily Bible readings, etc.). One disadvantage is the tendency to depreciate the religious value of *casual nonmonastic* practices and customs of devotion.

captions and inscriptions (for photographs, Chinese gardens) and titles (for passages) as disposing causes; Scripture is an analogous kind of cause for Eucharist, putting the mind in an appropriate state to receive

Tamar : Jews :: Ruth : good Gentiles :: Bathsheba : Church Militant :: Mary : Church Triumphant

Mark as beginning with the 'prophetic genealogy' of Jesus

the intrinsically allegorical character of the body

Love in part charges the mundane by making previously private things pertain in one way or another to common good.

"Only God is important, therefore all our love, our confidence, our affections, our ambitions -- all, I repeat -- must be completely consecrated to him." St. Isaac Jogues, 11 June 1637, to his mother

Tendency to centralized unity is inherent in the idea of supervision.

human beings as prophets, priests, and kings of organic life and material universe

essence as what it would be to be

(1) Composition of essence and esse as natural generalization from other compositions.
(2) that there must be a first composition for composite things (no infinite regress in kinds of comp.)
(3) that it fits with how we speak and think

doggerel : poem :: pun : joke

Barrow on the acceptations of the word 'measure'

When you look at social groups heavily focused on hunting, it becomes clear that humor and laughter are essential to the effective functioning of group hunting activities.

unlimited being and posse-esse

reading physics equations as measurement instruction (e.g., Fourier Transform: To find energy x of a particular frequency k, spin (e^i) the signal (x-sub-n) around a circle (2pi) at that frequency k, and average points along that path)

Bayes: To measure probability of hypothesis given evidence, measure the probability of a true positive out of the total probability of positives.

Hume's argument that extension must be conceived as solid (T 1.4.4) can be restructured as an argument that extension must be conceived as causal.

'inhesion in substance' and the felt having-together of sensations

sensus communis & the fact that impressions of reflection are not purely passional and emotional

Because perceptions are actions, there must be something active whose actions they are, and which in this sense supports them.

Christ as the Head of the domestic church

All experiments are in a sense thought experiments, at least in their formal structure.

divine will as ultimate efficient cause of individuation, divine nature as ultimate exemplar cause of individuation (Kevin White)

centralization as marginalization and cities as marginalization engines

Everything in the universe we know is in some way intelligible because if you could even assume an absolute unintelligible, you could not assign it intelligibly to the universe, or recognize it as part of the intelligible universe.

(1) Real possibility implies an actual being by which it is really possible.
(2) Contingent things require actual beings other than themselves for this.
(3) It is not possible for this to regress infinitely.
(4) Therefore there is a being that is not contingent, by which the contingent beings in teh series are really possible.

"We believe the powers of the wicked to be something great, unless we mentally pass over to the eternal life." St. Gregory the Great

eagle : prudence :: man : justice :: lion : fortitude :: ox : temperance

Once you do an experiment, you are already beyond the merely phenomenal or empirical.

Every problem is a lock that can give you the shape of its key.

grades of indirectness in justice: soul, body, honor, reputation, property
-- family, religion, citizenship, etc., are involved at the honor level

racism as an injustice against honor

(1) preparation (constrain possible outcomes)
-- states of system
(2) measurement (retrieve actual outcome)
-- obervables of system
(1) measurement (retrieve actual outcome)
(2) postparation (contextualize in possible outcomes)

predatory apophenia traps

projection postulate: repeating the same measurement will give the same results

superposition: quantum states can be added to get another quantum state and all quantum states can be represented by a sum of other quantum states

possibility, density of possibility, causal probability

spread-measurability, point-measurability

In painting, a scene is always seen through an atmosphere (just by the nature of the medium itself). The difference between a great painter and a talented painter is in the handling of this, which is not seen but that through which things are seen. Highly talented painters without sophistication often overly minimize the atmosphere (everything excessively crisp) or else are inconsistent with it.

physics as sets of theories confirmed by experiments vs. physics as systems of experiments interrelated by theories

Berkeley in the Notebooks calls spirits in general 'actus purus'

Question that is good and true can allow for a little faith.

liturgy as a moving picture of eternal heaven

Contracts are not natural consent but juridical consent.

Part of being poor in spirit is recognizing that you have nothing God needs.

genus-sharing a precondition for commensurability

The taste for luxury often makes just acts more expensive -- in luxurious circumstances, to do the right thing can get very costly. This is at least one of the ways pleonexia degrades justice.

the 'deuterocanonicals' as contributing vocabulary

the major sacraments as educative, transformative, preventative, and remediative (sign, cause, armament, medicament)

'Law of nature' designates the order arising from general causes.

'Real relations' in Aquinas's sense are dependencies (QDP 7.1ad9).

To treat people as mere means is to treat them as betrayable.

abstraction as necessary to experiment as such

The gospel like a tide goes in and out
as first it floods the field, then comes about,
recedes, and leaves but ponds or pools, if even that,
the little puddles shaded where the trees are at.
In layers like the sand it leaves its trace,
thus in and out and in with unpredicted pace;
the tide once in, then nothing stays the same,
not even tide itself, which leaves the way it came.

While scansions should be quite similar, it is often a mistake to speak of 'the' scansion of a poem. This is because weak stresses can be treated as ictus or non-ictus, as you please.

An experiment must
(1) have an end (even if only a general one)
(2) have a design, as a means to the end, one which serves as a standard and instrument of reasoning
-- (1) and (2) make it possible for an experimental attempt coherently to succeed or fail
(3) have boundaries that are not crossed by causal influences that can interfere with end or design
(4) be composed according to design
(5) have the potential necessary for relevant change
(6) be a medium for causal inference, which requires abstraction at a theoretical level
(7) be shareable and communicable, at least in principle, which requires abstraction at a practical level (this design yielding roughly this result regardless of implementation particulars, as long as other preconditions are met
-- the abstraction in both (6) and (7) needs to be one by which one can both causally infer from this particular experiment and group with related experiments to infer from the group of experiments.

numbers as terms of sequences

legal tender as a status before the courts insofar as the latter enforce contracts

booklearning as an indexing system for experiential learning

If your love divides no light from darkness, it is a counterfeit love.

Pseudo-tautologies (e.g., "business is business") are always denials of distinctions other people are making, or are presumed to be making, along the lines of "[Every kind of] business is [the same kind of] business" or "[This kind of] business is business [like any other]."

On Stein's account of the State, it would seem that the Church hierarchy is a State.

classification required for measurement because
(1) unit rules
(2) relevant measure
(3) repeatability

"...the model is that which allows us to think through participation." Badiou