Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Links of Note

* Nichelle Nichols recently died at age 89

* Gabriel Gottlieb, Why read Fichte today?, at Aeon

* Arina Pismenny, Ronnie de Sousa, French Philosopher? (PDF)

* Anne Helen Petersen, Inside the Mind-Boggling World of the Antiquities Theft Task Force

* Kenneth L. Pearce, Seeing is not perceiving

* Brandon Dahm, The Acquired Virtues Are Real Virtues (PDF)

* Henry Grabar, The Hotel-Spirit, at Slate

* Jeremy Markovich, The Man in the Yellow Hat. I've found over the years that I rather like research stories, stories about tracking down something, and I thought this one, about hunting down the source of a hat worn by Spielberg, a particularly engaging one.

* Andres Ayala, The Thomistic Distinction Between the Act of Understanding the Formation of a Mental Word: Intelligere and Dicere in Aquinas (PDF)

* Stewart Brand, The Maintenance Race, on the world's first round-the-world solo yacht race.

* Charles Pillar, Blots on a Field, looks into a serious case of data fabrication in research on Alzheimer's.

* Johan Dahlbeck, Spinoza on Ingenium and Exemplarity: Some Consequences for Educational Theory (PDF)

* Richard Carroll reviews Yuri Pines's Foundations of Confucian Thought at "Everything is Oll Korrect!"

* Francis J. Beckwith, Separated at Baptism: What the Mortara Case Can Teach Us About the Rejection of Natural Justice by Integralists and Progressives (PDF)