Friday, September 02, 2022

Dashed Off XXI

 Formal heresy is the attempt to make the faith as you wish it to be.

modality & difference from the given
p is the given -- Tp
there is a different from given where p -- Diamond(p)
p regardless of differences -- Box(p)

five "differentiae temporum"
past, present, future, possible, imaginable
(imaginable was controversial because it was often thought to include impossibles)

three kinds of skeptical argument or debunking: futility, perversity, jeopardy

the absolute power principle: What God can produce by means of secondary causes, he can directly produce and preserve without them.
-- this needs specification about the production and the 'what'

Chauvet treats as distinctive to the sacraments what is in fact not distinctive to them, but common to other things.

Heidegger's ontophilology

A relationship with another person is a co-making.

Heideggerians regularly attribute to language what belongs to wisdom.

Humans become wise by responding to wisdom.

Chauvet overestimates 'ethical testimony' at the expense of theosis.

Bread and wine are born within markets.

Prophecy is the mediation of destiny.

'Symbols' in Chauvet's sense cannot work by magic; they work by signs and causes.

People show up for easy benefits.

the doctrinal version of kitsch

positive vs negative freedom from pain

Every philosophy is a world that opens out onto other things.

Who reads enough poetry will eventually wax philosophical.

being systematic vs constructing a system

potentiality, participation, and finality as three ways different existents are not wholly separate

history of philosophy (as a field) as structured by specific wonderings (Aristotle)

'a philosophy' as an intellectual image of being

resemblances -> forms
contiguities -> measures

being (ens) as the formal, internal law of philosophizing
-- being as first understood, and similar communissima, the seminal reason of inquiry

the transcendentals as the conditions for the possibility of HoP

problem : HoP :: fact : historical inquiry

domains of almsgiving
(1) necessitas extrema
(2) indigentia
(3) superfluum

modern video games as guided story-making

"A person, an event, a natural phenomenon is perceived as mysterious or sacramental, i.e., as bearing and mediating the presence of God, only insofar as it actualizes our innate capacity for God." Richard McBrien
"Our radical capacity for God (which God has implanted in us as part of our historical human nature) makes possible our knowledge and our freedom."

Some of what are seen as disagreements between partisans of a school are not the disagreements they seem to be, because they really consist of the partisans working out very different parts of a big system, with whatever actual disagreement there might be arising from simply not having worked out all the details thoroughly.

the survival value of patience

The mutual assistance of marriage has several levels or aspects: courtly, formal level; a casually intimate level; a representational level in which each is proxy for each; a neutral, cooperative level as fellow workers; etc.

the oscillation between yang forms of thought and yin forms of thought

the inconsistencies between Millian and Kantian liberalism (one reason why defenders of liberal political philosophy are sometimes incoherent is that they are trying to split the difference and mix and match)

Every subject of action has an object in action.

probability and the metric structure of possibility

- held by all
- held by many
- held by some
- held by all of the wise
- held by many of the wisest
- held by many of the wise
- held by some of the wisest
- held by some of the wise

extrinsic probability as a second-hand intrinsic probability

Wang Yangming's pure knowing (liangzhi) and the agent intellect
-- inquiring so as to know as extending one's pure knowing in various tasks

Everying is necessary or contingent -> principle of sufficient reason
Everything is actual or potential -> principle of causality

Formal systems are understood by looking at what breaks them and how they break.

rare but not chance as a mark of intellect -- one would have to distinguish this, however, from rare-but-not-chance (due to the nature of a paucity), scarce nature, like when a birth rarely happens because a population is small, as well as rare-but-not-chance (due to natural operation limited to few opportunities). We do in fact distinguish these, but usually by 'cheating' based on our prior knowledge of intelligence. Both of these last are accidental rareties, though.

The purpose of a model is to sort inputs and outputs.

the mass weights of vast numbers of little irrationalities and failures

The two-party system is by nature a single power alliance bifurcated into two purely structural factions.

Deference to experts is a practical activity that is governed by practical reasons.

Ameliorative analysis is always relative to a specified problem.

The importance of most things depends in part on their sequels.

Relativism, over time, becomes opportunism.

Military occupation requires either (1) elimination of all threats or (2) numerical supremacy or (3) power of indefinite reinforcement.

"Intelligence is the faculty of *being* in general only because it is the faculty of *infinite being*." Rousselot
"The soul is in sympathy with being as such because ultimately it is capax Dei."
"Every act of intellection not only supposes that reality is intelligible, i.e., can be brought to light, but also that reality is somewhere understood, somewhere completely brought to light."

In a healthy educational system, the teachers are more the representatives of the parents than of the state.

The most fundamental precondition for immortality of soul is divine life, i.e., that there is inexhaustible life.

To say that free will is 'not worth the cost' of evil is to say that people, and in particular human beings, are not worth the cost of evil, which is false, for persons are subsistent value.

horse gaits
  - walking, about 6.4 km/h
 - trotting, about 13-19 km/h
 - cantering, about 19-24 km/h
 - galloping, about 40-48 km/h
depending on horse and terrain, a horse can cover 35 to 100 miles in a twelve-hour period, allowing for reasonable rests
-- relay horses (e.g., Pony Express) were limited to 10 miles of hard ride.

facultative vs directive ends

"All things, by desiring their own perfection, desire God Himself." Aquinas

You will draw your gospel either from divine revelation or from gossip.

The vulgar Marxist makes the same mistake as the vulgar capitalist and thinks of everything in terms of capitalism.

Reducationisms have historically been attempts to take things that look beautiful to others and make them look ugly -- e.g., see woman as a bag of viscera, see the world as dung in a mule's anus, see human thoughts as just chemicals in gray matter, see God as father-obsession, etc.

Legitimate critique is never just a pair of ugly-making glasses.

probabilities, probabilistic agents, networks of probabilistic agents, weighted sets of networks of probabilistic agents

Probability theory should be seen as possibility-weighting theory. The weighting need not be interpreted as certainty, in any sense of the term.

Great philosophy needs a poetic background, like Homer, or the Psalms, or the Classic of Poetry.

translations as school-of-though diversifiers

aphorism-meditation as a mode of philosophy

the expressiveness of natural scenes as a sign of 'the soul is in a sense all things'

sameness -> hierarchy of samenesses -> Selfsame

fraternal deference as the appropriate attitude to the saints.

The Incarnation and the Five Relationships:
God as King
Father as father (through the Son 'Our Father')
Son as Elder Brother (the Incarnation like us in all things)
Son as Husband of the Church (through the Spirit, the Lamb for the Bride of the Lamb)
Son as friend (through the Spirit -- 'I call you friends')

Amrit, the nectar of life in Vedic hymns, is used figuratively by the Guru Granth for something "within man and received by God's grace" (SGG 1056, 1238); it is linked to Naam (Name) and Sabda (Word) (SGG 729,644,538,394); it cures all craving (SGG 594). It is also used as the name for the lustral waters consecrated by Guru Gobind Singh when creating the Khalsa (Khande da Amrit, nectar touched by sword), and thus for the lustral rites for initiation into the Khalsa.

in life, in love, in laughter's leap,
in reach of reason's rightful ray

privileges, immunities, discretions

educational systems as administrative appartus

the conferential equations of love

The things of reason are lovely things;
they shine with inward light,
more structured far than snow-flake forms
that fall on winter night.

"The knower and the known are more united than are matter and form." Averroes In III De An comm V.

In a consumerist society, everyone chooses the propaganda they will consume.