Thursday, October 13, 2022

Links of Note

 (Between grading and still feeling a bit under the weather, posting will likely continue to be light for the next few days.)

* Jessica Gelber, Aristotle on Seed (PDF)

* James Heathers, 'Publication Laundering' 

* James Franklin, Late scholastic probable arguments and their contrast with rhetorical and demonstrative arguments (PDF)

* Masaharu Mizumoto, The Argument from Accidental Truth against Deflationism (PDF)

* Sabina Vaccarino Bremner, Remarks on Kant's Post-Critical Conception of the Autonomy of Reason (PDF)

* Andy Smarick, What Conservatives Have Forgotten about Subsidiarity and the Common Good, at "Public Discourse"

* John Alan Schmidt, Peirce's Topical Continuum: A 'Thicker' Theory (PDF)

* Clive Thompson, Weird 19th-century Punctuation Marks You Should Try Using

* Lydia S. Dugdale, Bring Back Hippocrates

* Alfred Archer, What's the use of non-moral supererogation? (PDF)