Friday, October 21, 2022

Two Poem Drafts


Water from a tower-height
is falling in the brightening dawn;
down it flows in flawless light
a gemlike glitter, icy glaze,
a spirit-fire with brilliant blaze,
with flurried laughter bright of smile
interweaving solar rays.


We were walking by the sea-side, we were walking on the shore,
hand in hand we walked together by the waves of evermore.
Mists were rising from the foaming, mists of visions hundredfold,
dreams both cruel and soul-enticing, dreams both tentative and bold.
Look with trembling to the future! Bright its gild, like neon light,
gaudy in its surface-freedom, filled with hidden fears of night,
filled with poisons in the water, toxins in the air and bread,
filled with words of such dark venom as to kill a stranger dead.
Easy it must be to murder when machine fulfills the deed
as you go about your business, giving it no further heed:
one command and cities crumble, one command and tyrants fall,
one command and flame from heaven fire-enfolds us, one and all.
See the human spirit pacing through the world with hungry growl;
sons of Cain, we seek to murder, hunting prey with wolvish howl.
Man and woman, child and infant, fetus growing in the womb --
wolves will come, for wolves devour, wolves are allies to the tomb.
Turn your head and see the glory of the parliament of man.
Words of peace on one side mouthing, cunning minds with hate will plan.
Lies are like our nursery-language; easily they spirit forth.
Words we must confine to truth or they will show a devil's worth.
Titans once stole heaven's fire, giving thought to change the world;
deep within the gift was chaos, like a serpent tightly curled:
visions clash with other visions, each in civil war with each;
we are cursed with many futures, harmony just out of reach;
we are caught in contradictions, trying opposites to press.
Goddess fortune plays her havoc; all is canceled, none are blessed.
We were walking on the sea-strand, strolling on the tumult-shore,
hand in hand in quiet walking, mists of futures to ignore.