Thursday, November 03, 2022

Links of Note

 * Keith Burgess-Jackson, The Whole Truth about Partial Truth Tables

* Corbin K. Barthold, Sludge Kills, at "City Journal", discusses the problems of increasing bureaucratic and administrative friction and impediment

* Boaz Faraday Schuman, Scholastic Humor: Ready Wit as a Virtue in Theory and Practice (PDF)

* Thony Christie reviews Michael John Gorman's The Scientific Counter-Revolution, on Jesuit work in science in the early modern period

* Andrew Lambert, Friendship in the Confucian Tradition (PDF)

* Tom Metcalf, Modal Logic: Axioms and and Systems for Modal Logic, at "1000-Word Philosophy"

* David Polansky, Stop talking about American 'fascism', discusses the problems of substantive concepts degenerating into mere rhetoric

* Hrishikesh Joshi, The Epistemic Significance of Social Pressure (PDF)

* Elizabeth Steere, Text Spinners and the Problem of Paraphrase Plagiarism, at "Inside Higher Education"

* Andree Hahmann & Michael Vazquez, Ciceronian Officium and Kantian Duty (PDF)

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