Sunday, December 04, 2022

Grace to Glory

 Advent Hymn
by John Cullen

 “Surely I come quickly."-Rev. xxii. 20. 

 Thou hast come, O gracious Saviour, once in deep humility,
Soon shall we Thy second Advent with the holy angels see. 

 Lord, come now in love and pity seeking those who far may roam,
Weary ones who lonely wander,–lead them to Thy heavenly home. 

 In Thy Word, and in Thy servants, who proclaim the way of life,
Daily now to us Thou comest, giving strength for daily strife. 

 In each prayer and sweet communion, Lord, to us Thy self reveal,
Sanctify us with Thy Spirit, fill our hearts with love and zeal. 

 In the time of pain and sickness, let us feel that Thou art near.
Comfort us in days of sorrow, wipe away the swelling tear. 

Come, O Lord, to bless and succour all who look to Thee for aid,
 Speak to us Thy word of promise, lest our hearts be sore afraid. 

 Come to teach us and direct us, come to help us and to cheer,
Come and walk with us and lead us through another sacred year. 

 Lead us gently, holy Saviour, in the path which Thou hast trod,
To the Kingdom where Thou reignest,—to our Father and our God. 

 Bless to us each visitation, when Thou comest near, O Lord,
Lead us on from grace to glory, open for us all Thy Word. 

 And, when Thou shalt come to judgment, crowned with awful majesty,
We shall then, in holy gladness, lift our heads and welcome Thee.

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