Monday, December 12, 2022


 * Murray Shanahan, Talking about Large Language Models (PDF)

* Urban Hannon, Last Supper Metaphysics: The Causality of the Vine and the Branches

* Elissa, Journaling as a Means of Research, at "Women in Theology"

* Mark Windsor, Not Circular: Hume's "Of the Standard of Taste" (PDF)

* Luis Oliveira, Defending the Free Will Defense: A Reply to Sterba (PDF)

* Kevin Cawley, How to become wise, on Korean philosophy, at ""

* J. H. Lesher, On the Role of Guesswork in Science (PDF)

* Jennifer A. Frey, Get Real, on Anscombe, at "First Things"

* Justin E. H. Smith, Walking, Seeing, Thinking

* Elena Comay del Junco, Aristotle on multiple demonstration (PDF)

* Johanna Winant, A Century of Serious Difficulty, on modernism in art, in "Boston Review"

* Marta Jimenez, Empeiria and Good Habits in Aristotle's Ethics (PDF)

* Elliot Samuel Paul, Cartesian Intuition (PDF)