Monday, December 05, 2022

Links of Note

 * Timm Heinbokel, Mimetic Perfection: St. Gregory of Nyssa's Poetry of the Self (PDF)

* Edward Feser, Suffering and the divine punishment of the good alongside the wicked, at "The Catholic World Report"

* Michael Hanby, Del Noce's Moment, at "First Things"

* Xinkai Hu, The City as a Living Organism: Aristotle's Naturalness Thesis Reconsidered (PDF)

* Malcolm Kyeyune, The New Gnostics, at "City Journal"

* Luke Coppen and Brendan Hodge look at the numbers of priestly ordinations in England and Wales.

* James Lesher, Parmenides on Knowing What-Is and What-Is-Not (PDF)

* Eve Tushnet, Not a Tame Unicorn: The Shocking Challenge of Beauty, discusses The Last Unicorn at "FareForward".

* L. M. Sacasas, Reading as Counter-Practice

* Winnie Sung, Xin: Being Trustworthy (PDF)

* Thomas Pink, Papal Authority and the Limits of Official Theology

* Peter Bauman, Sorry If! On Conditional Apologies (PDF)

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