Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Coined in Eden, Existing Yet

 Ballade Of Unfortunate Mammals
by Dorothy Parker

Love is sharper than stones or sticks;
 Lone as the sea, and deeper blue;
Loud in the night as a clock that ticks;
 Longer-lived than the Wandering Jew.
Show me a love was done and through,
 Tell me a kiss escaped its debt!
Son, to your death you'll pay your due--
Women and elephants never forget. 

 Ever a man, alas, would mix,
 Ever a man, heigh-ho, must woo;
So he's left in the world-old fix,
 Thus is furthered the sale of rue.
Son, your chances are thin and few--
Won't you ponder, before you're set?
Shoot if you must, but hold in view
 Women and elephants never forget. 

 Down from Caesar past Joynson-Hicks
 Echoes the warning, ever new:
Though they're trained to amusing tricks,
 Gentler, they, than the pigeon's coo,
Careful, son, of the curs'ed two--
Either one is a dangerous pet;
Natural history proves it true--
Women and elephants never forget. 

 Prince, a precept I'd leave for you,
 Coined in Eden, existing yet:
Skirt the parlor, and shun the zoo--
Women and elephants never forget.