Saturday, January 14, 2023

Links of Note

 * Alan Daboin, Vico on the Meaning and Nature of Scientific Cognition (PDF)

* Jessica Pepp, The Aesthetic Significance of the Lying-Misleading Distinction (PDF)

* John Hirschauer, The Last Institutions, on the closing of state disability assistance institutions

* Chris Pope, Systems within a System, on the complexity of the U.S. healthcare system

* Patrick Kurp reviews James Matthew Wilson's The Strangeness of the Good

* Sarah Kuta, A Surprising Amount of Magma Is Under Yellowstone's Supervolcano

* A number of philosophers are trying to get the old Prosblogion blog up and running again.

* Khyati Tripathi, Exploring the 'Liminal' and 'Sacred' Associated with Death in Hinduism through the Hindu Brahmanic Rituals

* Ted Gioia, How Sigrid Undset Went from Secretary at an Engineering Firm to Nobel Prize Winner

* Justin Kalan, God's Knowledge of Future Contingents: A Molinist Account

* David Polansky, On masculinity, toxic and non

* Andrea Wulf, The first Romantics, at

* Suarez on ius liturgicum I: De Sacramentis, disp. 15, at "Lumen Scholasticum"

* Peter Salmon, Simone Weil Was a Saint of the Socialist Movement, at "Jacobin"

* Tim Perry, Pope Benedict XVI: A Brief Protestant Requiem, at "Ad Fontes"

* Walter Cunningham, one of the Apollo 7 astronauts, recently died at the age of 90.

* Edward Feser, What Is Matter (and Why Does It Matter)?, at "Public Discourse"

* Fiona Woollard, How philosophy can help mothers avoid judgment, guilt, and shame, at "The Conversation". The title is not a particularly good one; the point is really that some of the things that make the lives of mothers more difficult are avoidable with a bit of thought and analysis.

* There was some discussion a while back about discoveries about why Roman concrete has been so enduring, which held that it was due in part to Roman use of volcanic ash. But more recent discoveries have shown that there are probably other contributors as well -- for instance,  a use of lime that had been previously thought to be due to mistaken proportions in mixing but that in fact makes the concrete self-sealing.

* Khalil Andani, Divine Simplicity and the Myth of Modal Collapse: An Islamic Neoplatonic Response (PDF)

* Brendan Hodge, Aging in the See of Peter, looks at trends in papal aging, at "The Pillar"

* Ben Page, The Creation Objection Against Timelessness Fails (scroll down)

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