Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Links of Note

 * David Merritt, MOND and Methodology (PDF)

* Gillian Russell, Quine on the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction (PDF)

* Extinct, the philosophy of paleontology blog, has recently started up again.

* Brendan Hodge, The 'synodal style' -- A correspondence look at US synod reports

* J. Dmitri Gallow, How to Trace a Causal Process

* Jeffrey Goodman, The Puzzle of Fictional Resemblance (PDF)

* Anthony Kalulu, Effective altruism is worse than traditional philanthropy in the way it excludes the extreme poor in the global south

* Christopher W. Love, The Argument from Disagreement to Moral Skepticism (PDF)

* Hans Zeigar, Communities of Memory, at "Front Porch Republic"

* Dalia Nassar, Alexander von Humboldt, at the SEP

* Blake Smith, Eve Kosofsky Sidgwick's Big Fat Nonbinary Mistake, at "Tablet"

* R. Drew Smith, Black Religious Fostering of American Civic Ideals

* Chad McIntosh is putting together a list of theistic arguments.

* Donald L. M. Baxter, The Discernibility of Identicals (PDF)

* Joseph Blado & Tyler Dalton McNabb, Confucianism and the Liturgy (PDF)

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