Sunday, January 01, 2023

Three New Poem Drafts and a Poem Re-Draft

The Gladness of God

All minds rest in gladness;
but though our minds must range
through desirings and change,
God just rests in gladness.

All minds will their best act:
highest work, good possessed,
right object sweetly held,
make for the purest meld,

but God acts divinely,
possessing Himself well,
more good than we can tell;
God just rests in gladness.

The glad have all they wish;
nothing is left lacking.
God is complete and best;
thus God in God does rest.

Free of sorrow's madness,
God just rests in gladness.

Of Amber

The gray of sky is weeping on my heart,
a mist of whispered worries curls and twists,
turning and rising as it lists;
here it recombines, but there curls part.
The sun through gray is muted, full of sighs;
the ray that wished to radiate, instead in sorrow dies,
with melancholy blanket hiding heart,
a heart that through the bleak and chill now flies
on wings that frost with ice;
the sky is gray, the song is minor, flat, and crushed by sighs.

The sun still shines with warmth and glow,
the wings of light still dive and dart,
but all is veiled as if by freezing rain and snow,
as if there were a cloud upon the heart.


I wish I knew how to mock you;
then I would know how to love you.
For whenever I try to love you,
your faults show the need to mock you
to get over them in order to love you;
but I know not how to mock you,
so can only wish to love you.

Finally, Rain

How bizarre; the ground is wet
with water from the sky!
What catastrophe can make
the world break down and cry?
Or what compassion, pure and true,
can equal tears of cloud?
These tears the fallen will renew
and overthrow the proud.

O little men of little faith
and kings of golden crown,
repent and tremble at your fate:
the sky is falling down
and heaven weeps with sobbing tear,
and cries with thunderous cry,
while you, un-Noah, ply your trade,
no ark made ready by.

But you who labor in the field,
and you in arid land,
the sky its love has sent to you:
it freshens earth and sand.
Rejoice, oppressed of all the earth,
rejoice, O pure of mind!
The rain falls down. What more to say?
The world is newly kind.