Monday, February 20, 2023

But Now They Reign O'er a Forgotten Land

 Easter Island
by Robert E. Howard 

How many weary centuries have flown ⁠
Since strange-eyed beings walked this ancient shore, ⁠
Hearing, as we, the green Pacific's roar,
Hewing fantastic gods from sullen stone!
The sands are bare; the idols stand alone.
⁠Impotent 'gainst the years was all their lore: ⁠
They are forgot in ages dim and hoar;
Yet still, as then, the long tide-surges drone. 

 What dreams had they, that shaped these uncouth things?
Before these gods what victims bled and died?
What purple galleys swept along the strand
That bore the tribute of what dim sea-kings?
But now they reign o'er a forgotten land,
Gazing forever out beyond the tide.

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