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Dashed Off V

 Hosea 2:16 as prophecy of Incarnation

the process of codification of cooking (Careme, etc.)

reduction, emulsion, and puree approaches to sauces
sauce = liquid + thickener + diversifier
(reductions use the liquid as its own thickener)

the use of quasi-syllogisms to explicate immediate and self-evident principles

four elements of obligation (civil law)
(1) obligor: who owes
(2) obligee: who is owed
(3) prestation: action owed
(4) vinculum iuris: cause that links obligants to prestation

"Practical rationality has the status of a kind of master virtue." Philippa Foote

the compenitence of the Church

In the long run, every reasonable thing will at some point be accused of being a nefarious invention by Catholics.

Political power is built by combining many different, smaller privileges and powers.

facts as beings of reason constructed out of evidences

evidence : thing/action :: right : title

"Do not try to defend or cover over what was wrong in the past, nor to fathom what has not arrived." Book of Rites, Shao Yi 15

Ex 19:5-6: possession, kingdom of priests, and a holy nation/people

Corruption expands to match the incentive for it.

the final cause as that which makes intelligible

The usual arguments against the 'ancient unwritten universal custom' view of common law are based on obvious confusions. The AUUC view does not and did not imply immutability, but instead continuity; it did not imply nondivergence across jurisdictions, but in a jurisdiction; it did not imply nonadaptability or lack of innovation, but placed the cause for such in novel circumstances; custom is participatory, not dictatorial the way statute is; it assumed the standard of reasonable Christian men; custom may authorize decisions indirectly and not just directly; it consistently recognizes that courts without legislative authority may apply and decide matters in common law.

All law in writing presupposes standards not in writing, which will effectively have the force of law.

The judge-made-law account of common law rests its case almost entirely on what is in fact customary law and customary judicial practice.

A court's decision is not 'law'; it is that court's assessment of law for now; it is inherent in such assessments that they can be temporary and that they can be not merely bad but *mistaken*.

Aboriginal title consists of three things: treaty title, sacral title, and customary usufruct.

remedial ends: admonition, mitigation, reformation
kinds of mitigation: provision of alternatives, compensation, restriction

the role of martyrial custody in episcopal authority

Leo, Letter XI: the merit of the prince of bishops

The interesting thing about the movie M is that both the police and the criminal express features or impulses all human beings share in the face of monstrosity. Both police and criminals represent people in general.

All norms and obligations presuppose classifications.

the principle of parallel polis in relations between the Church and the World

prefigurative evangelism
interstitial evangelism

Disparate impact depends by definition on classifications; different classifications, different disparateness.

"A lack of real activity does not, of necessity, result in leisure. A lack of occupation is not necessarily revealed by a manifest idleness." Parkinson

The infinity of language is a sign of the infinity of human intellect and will, of the boundlessness of human spirit, of the unfathomable depths of the human heart.

the ecclesial debt of gratitude to the Holy Virgin
the individual debt of gratitude to the Holy Virgin

(1) We owe the Holy Virgin respect in her own right, as of eminent virtue.
(2) We owe her respect in right of her Son, our Lord, whom we respect by respecting her.
(3) We owe her gratitude for her Yes.
(4) We owe her indirect filial piety as the mother of our Lord, and thus as our figurative mother.
(5) We owe her direct filial piety because of Christ's entrusting us to her and her to us at the Cross, in the person of the beloved disciple, so that she is our jural or juridical mother.

paying our debts to the saints as witnesses

'Doctor of the Church' functions indirectly as a sort of Index of Recommended Authors.

We owe a general gratitude to all people of virtue.

'A general definition is impossible/difficult because the term has many distinct but related uses' is nto the same as 'A specific definition is impossible/difficult for a given range of use'.

Highly alienated people will seize on almost anything that gives a sense of identity.

Civilization is a product of justice, not vice versa.

universalism and the preface paradox

Pardon, like rights, requires title, but can count as title is less predefined.

Numbers 5:11-31 (Sotah ritual) & God as jealous God
-- Note in Ex 32 Moses makes a kind of bitter water and forces the Israelites to drink

prophets as intercessors Gn 20:7

faith, hope, and love as the essential structure of virtuous marriage

affatus // kinaesthetic sense

Christ as sacrament hidden from the foundation of the world, sacramentum absconditum

Christ as primum mobile of the Church

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are that whereby Christ rules and preserves the Church.

Angelic participation in providence is angelic participation, as disposing causes, in the Incarnation and its effects.

the method of reformulating problems pseudomathematically

worthy-of, worthy-to, worthy-for

The Church, like the soul, goes through periods of aridity.

"...people learning new details about their art or trade must work in darkness and not with what they already know. If they refuse to lay aside their former knowledge, they will never make any further progress. The soul, too, when it advances, walks in darkness and unknowing." John of the Cross (Dark Night)

measured indecision as a tactic in diplomacy

Political actions and motives occur on a field of incentives far too diverse to be divided by 'friend vs enemy'; any political field that approaches the latter can only do so due to having been artificially mutilated.

Torah as lex declarata, Christ as lex animata

Iudex est iustum animatum et princeps est custos iusti. (Aquinas)

franchise as knightly virtue: free and generous bearing appropriate to good birth and name

Probabilities can only be actually assigned on the basis of evidence; evidence cannot be explained in terms of probabilities.

probability as degree of fit to a given profile

disposition : major premise :: occasion : minor premise :: exercise of disposition : conclusion

the Roman Curia as the exercise of the general faculty (envelope power) of the Holy See

The Church was universal before it was local or particular; the local or particular church is the expression of the universal church in local or particular form.

the importance of the concept of well-using

Bigotry is an injustice involving morally relevant general classification.

All persons can make rational relations to themselves.

martyr, doctor, virgin as each portraying an aspect of the Church itself

The 'where', if we may put it that way, of God is personal: the 'where of God is divine persons, the Father in the Son and the Spirit, the Son in the Father and the Spirit, the Spirit in the Father and the Son; then God in the angels and in us, and in other things insofar as they express person or are gift from person to person. 

Personality is more fundamental than spatiality and temporality.

existence as title to love in a general sense
divine love = divine being -> creaturely being = title to creaturely love

the confusion between what is loved and title to love

Love is the medicine for the wounds of love.

The soul in purgatory, truly loving God in a perfect manner after its fashion, suffers from divine absence intellectually, volitionally, and memoratively, not having the fullness of health, of delight, and of possession that is found in union with God. Thus it comes, mendicant in need, to God, in a bitter dryness and in lack, experiencing the turth that God alone is its health, its joy, and its life.

the humble and contrite heart as the perpetual sacrifice of purgatory

the layers of the Mass
Triumphant: Christ Ascended, united to the saints and angels, offering Himself, united to the saints and angels, as sacrifice to God.
Penitent: Christ offered as sacrifice to God through the penitent souls and the penitent souls in humility and contriteness offering themselves to be offerings to God.
Militant: Christ offered as sacrifice to God in the Eucharist and the humble and contrite heart offered through the Eucharistic Christ to God, in praise, thanks, and penitence.

purgatory as the perfection of the ascetic life

Josephus attributes royal, priestly, and prophetic gifts to John Hyrcanus (JW 1.72).

knighthood as symbol of Christian laity in general

the parallel between the Order of the Clergy and the Order of Chivalry (Llull)

Honor culture works by allowing people to substitute one action for another in order to maintain a proportionate response, whenever conditions are such that everyone could be harmed by a lack of proportion. However, there is always a limit to this, beyond which things can spiral out of control regardless of the intentions of those involved.

The civil war in King Arthur's kingdom largely breaks along Welsh and Norman lines, both tradition-wise and even in the characters (e.g., Gawain and his family vs Lancelot and his family).

Acts 14:23, 2 Cor 8:19 on ordination (but the term cheirtonein can be mean election, consecration, installation, or all three)
-- it literally means 'to extend the hand'; it came to mean 'to choose or elect'
-- it should not be confused with 'laying on of hands'

situations in which one is obligated to make a fool of oneself

Social facts about courts and legislatures include moral facts about them.

Law can only guide conduct on the model of skill or of virtue, and many laws are not structured on the model of skill, which is conditional and instrumental rather than authoritative.

Citizens cannot fulfill their responsibilities as citizens without moral considerations.

convenant as concentrating relationships

Credibility is a cheap coin and always easy to debase further.

The greater the good at which we aim, the more options we have for means over the course of our lives. Minor goods tend to have few means; major goods tend to allow many means.

Legislators should see legislation not as coercion but as giving aid.

"When you are about to give alms, don't pay attention to the expenditure of the money, but to the collection of righteousness." Chrysostom
"Giving birth is not the defining characteristic of a mother, for that is a matter of nature; instead, a mother's defining feature is raising, for that is a matter of choice." (He later equates 'defining' with 'crowning'.)
"If someone wants to praise martyrs, let them imitate martyrs."

The history of inquiry oscillates between periods in which discovery is extremely difficult and periods in which it is extremely easy. One of the factors contributing to the scientific revolution was the practice of doing very many different inquiries all at once, with the result that, besides cross-fertilization, for a long period of time significant advances could always be found somewhere, in some line of inquiry.

In the history of inquiry, one should not confuse stagnation with consolidation or slow advance.

nature, order, and office/role as three ways of giving something an ordering to an end

aggressive vs passive-aggressive imperialism

Scripture contains all things necessary to salvation, as object; the Church contains all things necessary to salvation, as enacted and acting.

A directs B to do for A (strong): command
A directs B to do for A (weak): beg
A directs A to do for B (strong): vow
A directs A to do for B (weak): promise
A directs B to do for B (strong): urge
A directs B to do for B (weak): advise
A directs A to do for A (strong): resolve
A directs A to do for A (weak): consider

goodness as the ground of 'normative powers'

Not all promises when broken are shattered; some are ongoing and, when broken, generate an obligation to return to compliance.

All the virtues of the justice family have potential bearing on the force of promises.

It is morally necessary for governments to have opportunities for citizen input, so that the citizens may have the dignity of causality.

promises and persons coming within the ambit of persons

Sublimity is conserved in the explanation of the sublime; the explanans must be adequately sublime to explain the sublime.

Every potential part of justice, interacting with custom and temperance, generates a protective etiquette.

Irrationality presupposes and posits rationality.

"Who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord." Pr 19:17

What we can make of ourselves depends on what we are.

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