Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Links of Note

 * Donald L. M. Baxter, Instantiation as partial identity (PDF)

* Thomas Szanto, Collective Emotions, Normativity, and Empathy: A Steinian Account (scroll down)

* Robert Di Ceglie, Divine Hiddenness and the Concept of God (PDF)

* Stefan Blancke, Science as a moral system

* Enno Fischer, Actual causation and the challenge of purpose

* Oliver Traldi, Busting the myth of left and right, reviews Lewis & Lewis, The Myth of Left and Right

* Bret Devereaux on Rings of Power, at "A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry":
Why Rings of Power's Middle Earth Feels Flat
Nitpicks of Power, Part I: Exploding Forges
Nitpicks of Power, Part II: Falling Towers
Nitpicks of Power, Part III: That Numenorean Charge

* Carlo Lancellotti, Sexual Colonization

* TheOFloinn on poetry: O Tempo! O Morae!

* Roy Cook, Frege's Logic, at the SEP

* The Sojourner Truth Project on the two main written versions of Sojourner Truth's most famous speech

* Clare Marie Moriarty, Berkeley's Gland Tour into Speculative Fiction, Part I: Homer, Descartes, and Pope

* Vicent Lloyd, A Black Professor Trapped in Anti-Racist Hell

* Jon Haidt, The Teen Mental Illness Epidemic Began Around 2012

* The Complete Review reviews George Schuyler's Black Empire. The book is an interesting one; it's a deliberately pulpy potboiler, and Schuyler's intention in writing seems to have been a half-sarcastic response to other stories of a similar type, but Dr. Belsidus ends up being a fascinating character.

* Kevin Vallier, Defining social trust is a first step toward nurturing it

* James Berquist, Uncommon Confusion: The New Natural Law Theory's Confusion of Predication and Causality Destroys the Natural Order, at "The Josias"

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