Thursday, March 09, 2023

Links of Note

 * David Polansky, Populism and Democratic Conflict: An Aristotelian View

* Peter Hartman, The Relation-Theory of Mental Acts: Durand of St.-Pourcain on the Ontological Status of Mental Acts (PDF)

* Victoria S. Harrison, What If the Dead Are Never Really Dead? (PDF), on Chinese folk religion

* Jacob Beck & Sam Clarke, Babies Are Born with an Innate Number Sense, at "Scientific American"

* Ed Simon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: Annotated, at "JSTOR Daily"

* Xinkai Hu, Complete Virtue and the Definition of Happiness in Aristotle (PDF)

* Robert Leider, The Modern Militia (PDF)

* Jeffrey Herf, Heidegger's Downfall, at "Quilette"

* Jeremy M. Christensen, The Garden Atonement and the Mormon Cross Taboo, at "Dialogue"

* Ben Myers, Can God's work in history be discerned? The ambiguities of providence in the poetry of John Milton

* Raphael's School of Athens: Greek Philosophy in the Renaissance, at "Antigone"

* Paul Craddock, 'Coming Out' as Working Class in Academia, at "Lex Academic Blog"

* Lane Brown, Bad Projection is Ruining the Movie Theater Experience, at "Vulture"

* Erin Risch Zoutendam, Reading the Song of Songs as Allegory with the Protestant Reformers, at "Modern Reformation"

* Suzy Weiss, Dishonor Code: What Happens When Cheating Is the Norm?, at "The Free Press"

* Daniel Rubio, Against the New Logical Argument from Evil (PDF)

* Quentin Ruyant, The Inductive Route Towards Necessity (PDF)

* Regan Penaluna, Masham and Me, at "Aeon"

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