Friday, May 05, 2023

Dashed Off XV

 Prooftexting at least presents prima facie evidence; it is often replaced with things that do not even do that.

A historical period is not merely a time in the past but also a mode by which the past operates in the present and the future.

divine metonymy : instruments of divine action :: divine metaphor : exemplates of divine being

Christ gives us impassibility through His Passion.

We can have unstated legal obligations because reason can obligate us with respect to stated laws, beyond the statements of those laws on their own.

the Church as
oikos pneumatikos 1 Pt 2:5
hierateuma hagion 1 Pt 2:5
genos eklekton 1 Pt 2:9
basileion hierateuma 1 Pt 2:9
ethnos hagion 1 Pt 2:9
laos eis perpoiesin 1 Pt 2:9
laos theou 1 Pt 2:10
thou douloi 1 Pt 2:16
ten adelphoteta 1 Pt 2:17

the Church as sacramental body of Christ, the Church as politic body of Christ

Dynastic orders are essentially tribal honors.

"Ligeance is the mutual bond and obligation between the king and his subjects." Coke
(the king as natural liege lord)

"Virtue is the ethical order reflected in the individual character so far as that character is determiend by its natural endowment." Hegel

Thinking of public welfare only in terms of justice, and never in terms of mercy, guarantees that you will miss essential things.

the power to dispense, the power to convene, the power to personate

marriage covenant as the completion of covenants, the summit and pinnacle

reform for principle vs reform for effect

planning as finding the 'middle terms', the intermediate ends

All social animals have norms.

alienating qualifications
-- (1) formally: Socrates is a dead man.
-- (2) materially: The term 'good' has four letters.
reducing qualifications
-- (1) intentionally: The square circle can be found, on the list of impossible things.
-- (2) potentially: Egg is chicken, potentially.
-- (3) partially: The house is on my property, with respect to its corner.

If we understand contingency as Diamond & Diamond-Not, then it is possible for something to be contingent in one context and not in another, for most interpretations of Diamond.

"The very nature of man, not only in the religious sphere, demands something in the way of a disciplina arcani." Rahner

God as eternal subsistetn right, God as eternal absolute value

persons as subsistent value

(1) merit, broadly speaking
-- (a) merit proper
-- -- (1) condign
-- -- (2) congruous
-- (b) demerit
(2) desert as right

1:6:23  --- ship : horse : foot, approximately

Talk of stakeholders often seems to be a way for executives to replace strict responsibilities with highly malleable responsibilities.

the 'custom of the castle' motif as symbolic of feudal obligations

a common marketing format: (1) claim of unusual insight or ability, (2) plausible platitude, (3) glittering claim, (4) call to action
-- this is the structure of Descartes's Discourse on Method!

Augustine and the sublimity of memory

Thomas Paine takes the 'Rights of Man' to be rights of all collectively, not distributively.

stress as residual pitch

In a pandemic, logistics is always infinitely more important than mandate.

What is a church but a Round Table?

Ethnicity in both the Hellenistic and Roman periods is religiously toned; this contrasts with ethnicity in the British and American periods, where it is racially toned. Ethnicity then was a matter of familial/tribal tradition; now it has become something like a sub-race.

iustitia : ius : religio : sacra

The divine transcends the natural/supernatural distinction.

the six antitheses of the Sermon the Mount and building a fence out from Torah

The prophet calls the people to a society not merely just but also holy.

Connoisseurship is in part learning how to be pleased across multiple desires simultaneously.

prayer to receive the grace 'to imitate what divine mysteries contain and to obtain what they promise' as the basic structure of most meditative devotion: content -- promise/imitation -- achievement, or, more broadly, mystery -- grace in us

Churches sui juris tend to be produced in the friction between empires.

Ezekiel 11:23  -- the glory of the Lord from the Temple Mount to the Mount of Olives
Zach 14:4-5  -- His feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives.

Tobit 4:15 -- "What you hate, do not do to anyone."

1 Pt 2:9 -- An ethnos was an official designation; e.g., since Antiochus III, the Jews had been an ethnos, self-governing according to their own laws, with a sort of quasi-citizenship status in certain respects; all of Judean heritage had Judea as their legal origin, and they had rights partly tied to this.

"tax collectors and sinners" occurs 9 times in the New Testament

Freedom is an effect of law.

All property inherently has a social aspect; the 'private' in private property does not exclude it.

"All is foreseen but free will is given." Rabbi Akiva

Tobit and Sirach are found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hellenistic dispossession of the Zadokite movement results in
(1) Sadducees
(2) Oniads in Leontopolis
(3) Qumran sect under the 'Teacher of Righteousness' (Moreh Ha'Tzedek) against the 'Wicked Priest' (Ha'Kohen Ha Rasha, a pun on Ha'Kohen Ha'Rashi, 'High Priest')

The baptism of John anticipates Christian baptism, through the Baptism of Christ is a model of it; but it is also a model of penance, and in many ways an even closer model.

Hume's principle of 'counterpoize' is likely a political metaphor ('counterpoises' being another name for checks and balances) -- belief as the voting of ideas, as the authority in a political system of mind

People generally tolerate some measure of corruption, even if complaining about it, because corruption is expensive and exhausting to eliminate. In some cases the corruption is itself a symptom of insufficient resources; in other cases, safeguards against corruption add an extra layer of continual expense.

degree of difficulty of mimesis
(1) capturing that it is
(2) capturing what it is
(3) capturing how it is
(4) capturing who it is

skill as learning one's instrument

Political weight is not a matter of force but of positioning.

Our free will presupposes divine freedom, and our free choices as it were occur within a divine free choices.

futuribility as a form of relative possibility

the effect of baptismal grace: passive sanctification
the effect of chrismational grace: active sanctification

concepto (Gracian): 'an act of the understanding that brings out the correspondence between objects'
-- the correspondence here is a harmony or symmetry
-- note that Gracian doesn't think this has to be purely verbal; heraldic devices and emblems are included

"Agency is the fiduciary relationship that arises when one person (a 'principal') manifests assent to another person (an 'agent') that the agent shall act on the principal's behalf and subject to the principal's control, and the agent manifests or otherwise consents so to act." Restatement of the Laws of Agency 1.01

'qui facit per alium, facit per se'

power of attorney (etymology)
power: a legal instrument of authorization, written under seal, as opposed to a letter, written only under signature
attorney[-in-fact]: personal representative, from 'attorn', to turn over to another
-- law has since loosened the seal/signature distinction in some situations
-- because attorney usually now means attorney-at-law, the terms 'agent' and 'agency' are more commonly used outside this particular phrase

the 'large' in "at large" originally meant 'liberty' (from Old French)

It is natural for people to express historical events in terms of the literature they know.

Genesis as a narrative of disguises and dreams

"Transcendence is an order a greater thing has to a lesser, such that the greater has all the good of the lesser in a higher and more unified way, but *the higher and more unified way* is a higher order of being, so that no multiplcation of the lower good ever equals or exceeds the higher good." Chastek