Saturday, June 24, 2023

Listen How Low the Murmur of the Stream!

An Upland Brooklet
by William Struthers 

Αn upland brooklet trickles with soft sound
Over a wall of lichen-mantled rock,
That was uplifted 'mid some cosmic shock
When the earth's pulse less soberly did bound,
And when the land in tropic garb was gowned
With tall tree ferns, whose fronds would interlock
To let amphibia beneath them flock
What time the sun flung fiery javelins round. 

Listen how low the murmur of the stream!
Yet through it echoes a far-off refrain
Of Alpine grandeur, crag, and glacier gleam;
As if the brook, so high above the plain,
Shared the ecstatic secret of the dream
That visits them who nigh Life's heart have lain.