Monday, July 24, 2023

Links of Note

* Meena Krishnamurthy, Martin Luther King Jr. on Democratic Propaganda, Shame, and Moral Transformation

* George Weigel, The "Synodal Process": Talking a New Church into Being?, at "First Things"

* Sebastian Gertz, Do Plato and Aristotle Agree on Self-Motion in Souls? (PDF)

* Charles Camosy, 'Brain Death' at a crossroads, at "The Pillar"

* Stephen Harrop, Du Chatelet's First Cosmological Argument (PDF)

* Richard Marshall interviews Liz Jackson on Pascal's Wager and philosophy of belief

* Kevin McDonough, The importance of examples for moral education: An Aristotelian perspective (PDF)

* Alasdair MacIntyre, On Having Survived the Academic Moral Philosophy of the 20th Century, at "Church Life Journal"

* Ryan Kulesa, A defense of conscientious objection: Why health is integral to the permissibility of medical refusals (PDF). (I think this concedes too much to Schuklenk, Smalling, and Savulescu, whose argument grotesquely misrepresents both the nature of professional ethics and the reasons for recognizing conscientious objection, but the criticial point is correct -- their conditions under which objection is impermissible are wholly inadequate to the actual complexity of the medical field.)

* Alexandre Billon, The Sense of Existence