Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Three Poem Drafts

 Moon in Pool

In crystal pools the silver moon
is crowning deep and velvet sky;
it gives but never fades away;
its wealth is spread but does not die.

Its light may wane and wax again,
and like the tide go in and back,
but evermore it rises high
and never cares for loss or lack.

The fruits of heaven, bright and sweet,
with sugared light show argent ray,
eternal in eternal change
for silent pool and heaven's way.


Come into my head;
it's a jungle in here,
with adventures in full
for those without fear.
Deep rivers and wide
curl through bank and tree
and roll from mountain height
to byssal infinity.
Fruits of every kind
grow on boughs of green;
the very stones are gold
and diamonds bright of sheen.
And in the midst of all
a garden God has made;
there all the finest plants
grow rich with seed and blade.
We may use them all,
except one tree alone
that stands both tall and fair
where God alone has sown.
But I forgot the truth
as I talk here now in dream --
that place is out of reach;
I only see its gleam,
for at its golden gate
a flaming spirit stands
preventing all approach
to bright undying lands.
I once went walking there;
I ate from tree forbid
and have not seen it since,
its grace from me now hid.

Summer Sleep

Let the cicadas remove the stress from your shoulders
that you may become younger as you grow older;
let the birds in the blueness take wing on the wind,
rising up to the glory and descending again.
By the pond where the turtles in gentleness play,
up-peeking above the surface their heads,
let sleep come to take you in breeze and in cool;
walk in the gardens in the realms of the dead
by the ripples and waves of a mirroring pool.