Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Links of Note

 * Susan Brower-Toland, Deflecting Ockham's Razor: A Medieval Debate on Ontological Commitment (PDF)

* Richard Y. Chappell, Benatar's Fallacy, at "Good Thoughts"

* Joshua Jose Ocon, Catholic Action, Authority, and Philippine Democracy: Prospects and Perspectives Through Jacques Maritain (PDF)

* Sarah Borden, What Makes You You? Individuality in Edith Stein, at "Church Life Journal"

* Alper Güngör, Artifact Concept Pluralism (PDF)

* Frank B. Farrell, Is Ethics Like Math?, discusses a recent book on Derek Parfit, at "Commonweal"

* David Ebrey, The Phaedo as an Alternative to Tragedy (PDF)

* Zena Hitz, What Is Time For?, at "Plough"

* Graziana S. Ciola, Hic sunt chimarae? On Absolutely Impossible Significates and Referents in Mid-14th-Century Nominalist Logic (PDF)

* Literal Banana, Against Automaticity, discusses problems with various psychological concepts like priming, placebo, ego depletion, etc.

* Lukas van den Berge, Phersu, Prospon, and Persona: On Legal Personhood, Roman Sculpture and the Art of Law (PDF)

* Jonathan Goldman, When Dorothy Parker Got Fired from Vanity Fair, at "The Public Domain Review"

* John Schwenkler, How Temptation Works (PDF)

* Jordan Baker, Bearing One Another's Burdens: Virtue Ethics, Flourishing, and Liberatory Struggles, at "The Other Journal". I find some of the argument here extremely implausible, and largely to derive from a conception of virtue ethics that fails to give proper due to the virtue of prudence, but there are several interesting points made.

* Sophia Connell, Aristotle's explanations of monstrous births and deformities in Generation of Animals 4.4 (PDF)

* Wesley Morgan, The Empire's New Clothes (and Everyone Else's Too), at "New Lines Magazine", discusses the origin and spread of MultiCam, the currently dominant form of camouflage.