Thursday, August 31, 2023

Links of Note

 * Marco Grossi, Substitutional Validity for Modal Logic (PDF)

* Alireza Mansouri & Emad Tayebi, The Metaphysics of Artifacts: A Critical Rationalist Approach (PDF)

* Thomas Byrne, Husserl's Semiotics of Gestures (PDF)

* In the Spring of 2021, ground-penetrating radar at Pine Creek Residential School (run by the Catholic diocese from 1890 to 1969 and now Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church) in Pine Creek, Manitoba, discovered evidence that was consistent with a significant number of unmarked graves. This touched off an epidemic of church-burning and vandalism across Canada; since then, something like a hundred churches, mostly Catholic, many of them indigenous congregations, have been burned or heavily vandalized. The Minogoziibe Anishinaabe investigated, and their conclusion, recently reached, is that there is no evidence of any actual human remains at the site. In fact, to date the number of investigations that have confirmed unmarked graves or mass graves for which the Catholic Church was responsible is zero. Now, of course, the Canadian Residential School system was (by design) a lunatic system, and so of course there are many other investigations going on, and each of them is independent; but this is a particularly significant case, because it is the one that touched off the church-desecration spree.

* The Nordic Bishops' Conference in March released their Pastoral Letter on Human Sexuality; it's a fairly good letter, and gives a reasonable statement of the current thought of the more liberal-ish wing of the episcopacy.

* Tomasz Zuradzki, Conscientious objection in healthcare: the requirement of justification, the moral threshold, and military refusals (PDF)

* Emily Zarevich, The Myth of the Papal Toilet Chair, at "JSTOR Daily"

* Ricky Mouser, Mutual Aid as Effective Altruism (PDF)

* Theresa MacArt, Pius XII and the Politics of the Mystical Body, at "Public Discourse"

* Ed Condon, Is a Syro-Malabar schism inevitable?, at "The Pillar"

* Mark Windsor, What Is the Uncanny? (PDF)

* Julia Yost, Austen's Darkness, at "Compact"

* Jens Lemanski, Kant's Crucial Contribution to Euler Diagrams (PDF)

* Anton Howes, Does History Have a Replication Crisis?, at "Age of Invention"

* Adam Mastoiranni, I am so sorry for psychology's loss, whatever it is, at "Experimental History"

* Vincenzo Cicarelli, Abstractionism and Physical Quantities (PDF)

* Olivier Lemeire, No purely epistemic theory can account for naturalness of kinds (PDF)

* Tyler Vigen, The Mystery of the Bloomfield Bridge, a fascinatng look at the history behind a pedestrian bridge apparently in the middle of nowhere.