Thursday, August 17, 2023

Notable Links, Noted

 * Graham Clay, Hume's Separability Principle, his Dictum, and their Implications (PDF)

* Valentin Braekman, Obstinacy in Suarez's Demonology (PDF)

* Daniel Buck, A Fundamental Miscalculation, discusses problems with California's mathematics curriculum, at "City Journal"

* Gregory Landini, On the Curious Calculi of Wittgenstein and Spencer Brown (PDF)

* Francis Jeffrey Pelletier & Bernard Linsky, Verification: The Hysteron Proteron Argument (PDF)

* Tim Kearl & Robert H. Wallace, Agentive Modals and Agentive Modality: A Cautionary Tale (PDF)

* Sungwoo Um, Duty, Virtue, and Filial Love (PDF)

* Yukinori Onishi & Davide Serpico, Homeostatic Property Cluster Theory without Homeostatic Mechanisms: Two Recent Attempts and Their Costs

* In June, the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church issued a paper, Synodality and Primacy in the Second Millenium and Today, which is fairly interesting, and probably the least useless document I've seen so far to derive from the 'synodality' craze.

* Chris Schoen has a new podcast project, Effigy; as he describes it, "a long-form show exploring a single subject per season, with detours. Season One recounts the Colorado Coalfield Wars of the Nineteen-teens, one of the bloodiest labor conflicts in US history."

* Brandon Warmke & Craig Warmke, Worship and Veneration (PDF)

* Cory Wimberley, Propaganda: More Than Flawed Messaging (PDF) -- this is a very good paper on a subject that tends to be handled badly.

* Eran Guter, Wittgenstein in the Laboratory: Pre-Tractatus Seeds of Wittgenstein's Post-Tractatus Aesthetics (PDF)