Friday, December 15, 2023

Links of Note

 * Elliot Polsky, Why Are Accidents Included under Being Per Se? (PDF), on a curious comment in Aquinas's commentary on the Metaphysics.

* Jacob Baynham, What If Money Expired?, at Noema

* Samuel Kahn, Frankfurt Cases and Alternate Deontic Categories (PDF)

* David Bourget and Angela Mendelovici, Debunking Debunking: Explanationism, Probabilistic Sensitivity, and Why There Is No Specifically Metacognitive Debunking Principle (PDF)

* Yuval Shany, From digital rights to international human rights: The emerging right to a human decision maker

* Reuven Kimelman, The Books of Maccabees and the Al HaNissim Prayer for Hanukah, at "The Seforim Blog"

* Timothy Perrine, A Timid and Tepid Appropriation: Divine Presence, the Sensus Divinitatis, and Phenomenal Conservatism (PDF)

* Courtney D. Fugate, Problems with the Highest Good (PDF)

* Gregory Caridi, Reopening the Question of Abstinence from Meat on Fridays, at "Church Life Journal"

* Susanna Melkonian-Altshuller, Truth Dependence Against Transparent Truth (PDF)

* Edward Feser, No King but Caesar?, at "The Josias", reviews Kevin Vallier's All the Kingdoms of the World

* A. R. J. Fisher, Musical Works as Structural Universals (PDF)

* Richard Y. Chappell, Against Confidence-Policing, at "Good Thoughts"

* Tyra Lennie, Self-Improvement in Astellian Friendship (PDF)