Friday, December 22, 2023

Links of Note

 * William E. Carroll, 'Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit' and 'Creatio Ex Nihilo': Science and Creation, at "Ths Josias"

* Steinunn Liorsdóttir and Lior Pachter, The virial theorem and the Price equation (PDF)

* James Harold, On the Ancient Idea that Music Shapes Character (PDF)

* Fr. Stephen Freeman, The Tradition of Being Human, at "Glory to God for All Things"

* Jon Gabriel, University of Arizona's budget problem? It's awash in administrative bloat, at "azcentral"

* Courtney Fugate, Kant's World Concept of Philosophy and Cosmopolitanism (PDF)

* Samuel Kahn, Frankfurt Cases and Alternate Deontic Categories (PDF)

* The PNC Christmas Price Index  shows a slight increase in the price of the gifts of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"; if you count every repetition of every gift, the total cost comes to $201,972.66, up about 2.5% from last year, while the Total Christmas Price Index (the Twelfth Day) is $46, 729.86, up about 2.7% from last year, with the Two Turtledoves being the single largest surge (at 25%), and a tight labor market resulting in the Ten Lords A-Leaping narrowly beating out the Seven Swans A-Swimming as the most expensive item on the list.

* David Polansky, Tempest in a Teapot, Academic Version, at "Strange Frequencies"

* A. C. Paseau, Non-deductive justification in mathematics (PDF)

* Fabrizio Macagno and Douglas Walton, Classifying the Patterns of Natural Arguments (PDF)

* Carolyn Dever, How to Lose a Library, at "Public Books", on the hacking of the British Library earlier this year, which has left it limping with limited services ever since.

* Brian Potter, Building Apollo, at "Construction Physics"

* Daan Evers, Aesthetic Non-Naturalism (PDF)

* William Bechtel & Leondardo Bich, Organisms Need Mechanisms; Mechanisms Need Organisms (PDF)

* Brendan Hodge, 'Accommodation' or 'evangelization'? What accounts for regional differences on 'Fiducia supplicans'?, at "The Pillar

* Lyman Stone continues his discussion of the demographics of Middle Earth using standard estimation techniques for historical demographics: How Many Hobbits? 3000 Years of Middle Earth Population History