Sunday, January 07, 2024

Links of Note

 * Fabrizio Macagno & Douglas Walton, The Fallaciousness of Threats: Character and Ad Baculum (PDF)

* David Polansky, Machiavelli's World, at "City Journal", reviews Machiavelli's Effectual Truth by Harvey Mansfield.

* Stephen Francis Mann, The relevance of communication theory for theories of representation (PDF)

* Aidan R. Nathan, The Study of Being in Plato and Aristotle (PDF)

* Eddy Keming Chen, Does quantum theory imply the entire universe is preordained?, at "Nature"

* Kate M. Phelan and Holly Lawford-Smith, Feminist Separatism Revisited (PDF)

* Andrew Law, If Molinism is true, what can you do? (PDF)

* Alexander T. Englert, We'll meet again, at "", on Kurt Godel's thoughts on immortality of soul.

* Edward Feser, The best books on the Existence of God, at "Five Books"

* Grzegorz Gaszczyk, Interrogatives, inquiries, and exam questions (PDF)

* Taieb Hamid, Reinach on the Essence of Colours (PDF)

* Taylor Patrick O'Neill, Consent Is Not the Whole of the Law, on the concept of 'just wage'

* Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica, Does a computer think if no one is around to see it? (PDF)