Saturday, January 13, 2024

Links of Note

 * John Psmith discusses Xenophon's The Education of Cyrus, or Cyropaedia, at "Mr. and Mrs. Psmith's Bookshelf".

* Matthew Loftus, Arcs of Life, at "The New Atlantis"

* Lucien Hardy, Quantum Theory from Five Reasonable Axioms (PDF)

* Liam Kofi Bright, Race and Fantasy, at "The Sooty Empiric"

* Lucy Keer, Mermin on writing physics, at "Bucket Overflow"

* Phil Corkum, A Mereological Reading of the Dictum de Omni et Nullo (PDF)

* John Joy, Is There a Charism of Infallible Safety?, at "1 Peter 5"

* David Polansky, The Greatest Book on Nationalism Keeps Being Misread, at "Foreign Policy", on Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities

* Fabrizio Macagno, Douglas Walton, & Christopher W. Tindale, Analogical Reasoning and Semantic Rules of Inference (PDF)

* It looks like Bishop Raphael Thattil will be the next Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

* Gavin Ashenden, What are we to make of the erotic and sensually esoteric theology of Cardinal Ferndandez?, at "Catholic Herald"

* Bishop Erik Varden, Christians are called to inaugurate a new world and rise through Christmastide, also at "Catholic Herald"

* Tuomas E. Tahko, Laws of Nature (PDF)

* Larry Chapp, Avoid moral theologies 'from below' and puncture the immanent frame, at "Catholic World Report"