Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Links of Note

 * Terence Hua Tai, Kant's Critical Objection to the Rationalists in the B-Deduction (PDF)

* Thomas Pink, The Church as Potestas for Faith, at "The Josias", reviews Kevin Vallier's All the Kingdoms of the World.

* Jason Aleksander, Faith as Poieses in Nicholas of Cusa's Pursuit of Wisdom (PDF)

* David Borkenhagen, The geometry of other people, at "Aeon"

* Ruth Boeker, Isaac Watts and Catherine Trotter Cockburn on the Power of Thinking (PDF)

* Michael Dickson, From Vexing Uncertainty to Intellectual Humility

* Paul Mayer, Principles and Philosophy of Linear Algebra: A Gentle Introduction (PDF)

* Ryan McEntush, How the Persecution of Pirates Gave Us Procedural Manipulation, at "Palladium"

* Nikolay Milkov, The History of the Concept of "Truth-Making" (PDF)

* James Hankins, An Honest Diversity Statement, at "Law & Liberty"

* Susan Brower Toland, Ockham on Memory and the Metaphysics of the Human Person (PDF)

* Kieran Setiya, Who's Afraid of Immanuel Kant?, at "Under the Net", on Kant's argument for the value of dinner parties.

* James Van Cleve, Reid on the Credit of Human Testimony (PDF)